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By Ron T

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  1. Ron T

    Ron T
    Coppell, TX

    So, I've discovered that a lot of walking makes my knee hurt. Went to the dr, long story short - I've worn out the cartilage in the knee joint and it will eventually have to be replaced (lifetime of ice hockey). I am going to the UK/Scotland this summer to play several rounds and be at the Open at St. Andrews. Dr recommended to come get a cortisone shot before I leave, but I am also wondering about wearing a knee brace. I know several play with a knee brace but curious if anyone is willing to share their experience with selecting one that works best to support the knee and yet be flexible enough to play?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    My left ACL acts up from time to time. I use a soft knee “sock” when it hurts. I took it with me to Ireland but luckily did not need it that week. I have a more rigid brace but I don’t like it. Too uncomfortable for me. The best thing I have done is pointed my left toe more open, like 45 degrees so I am putting less stress on the knee when I turn through the shot. Good luck with yours and hope it doesn’t slow you down in Scotland.
  3. JAYW3


    Check out
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I would ask my Dr what he recommends. You do not want to do any further damage by getting the wrong brace or getting one that would hinder your swing.

    My pulmonologist is the one that advised that I could not longer walk and play golf but to start using a golf cart and enjoy the game. Am familiar with the cortisone shots. I get them in my hips when I going to play more that one day and in tournaments. Still does not allow me to walk, but allows me to play. The perils of age, sports and previous smoker.
  5. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I had meniscus surgery in 2012 and the Dr told me then that I would need a knee replacement eventually. In 2014 my knee continued to degrade to the point that when I retuned to the Dr he told me I had 4 options...get lubricant injections, get a brace, get the knee replacement or continue to suffer. I wasn't ready for surgery, so I went with the brace and was shocked at the difference it made. It was designed to push the knee straight to lessen the bone-on-bone pain which it did. It enabled me to keep playing golf, which I could not have done without it. I used the brace for 4 years, but my knee continued to deteriorate during that time, so I finally opted for the surgery in 2018. There are multiple brands available, your Dr should be able to recommend one for you.
  6. Hi Ron,
    Although I do not wear a brace I work as a physio. I would suggest a tight compression knee sleeve. A bulky knee brace is more meant for an unstable knee joint, which yours is not. Load up on the Aleve and grab a compression sleeve! Cheers
  7. Ron T

    Ron T
    Coppell, TX

    Thank you everyone! I am going to try the compression sleeve and revisit with the dr.
  8. Scott D

    Scott D

    I too have knee problems because of hockey and baseball. I wear a neoprene compression knee sleeve and it works very well. It certainly helps the knees after four knee operations, two on each knee. Enjoy Scotland.
  9. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    PGA Superstore used to stock these a while back and their staff recommended them. I haven't had to wear a brace in a while, but I still have it just in case.

    They have great lateral support, but still allow range of motion needed for golf.
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My osteoarthritis is related to the patella. I use various sleeves (they all help but some of the ones open in back may chaff the skin). Immobilizing the patella (kneecap) relieves the pain without hindering range of motion.

    My triggers are walking on uneven grades or sitting too long. Even with my right leg as lead (LH golfer) I have no issues using the sleeve brace The femur on tibia joint is not yet my issue, can only recommend on kneecap pain. If this helps, minimizing steroid injections is a plus.

    Interesting that “everyone” with a knee replacement I’ve met has never said they are glad they waited. Just wish they did it earlier.
  11. Second what chuck said you don’t wanna cause more damage! If you can’t see the doc i think compression maybe best worked for Brett favre

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