New Utility Irons & Hybrids

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By Martin H

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  1. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Thoughts on the new Utility Irons and Hybrids that have started to appear on social media?

    I've high hopes for the Utility irons, I''ll call them a driving iron and can't wait to see how they perform.

    Post Image
  2. They look fab
    Would guess they wont hit the streets until the back end of summer
    Plenty of time to save some cash!
  3. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Looks like the offering of more options to cover different preferences of clubs and ball flights.

    The new irons look nice! Shame I have just purchased a T-MB! Maybe a sign of things to come with the iron range...?
  4. They look amazing and two types of driving irons.
  5. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    The hybrids was the next logical step in the TS range I guess but I'd be very surprised if the irons could out perform the TM-B long irons, they are bombers.
  6. Yeah they look super clean and if there anything like the TM p790 should be really workable.
  7. I can see Santa coming early
    The long irons look ten times better without the brass section at the bottom,I’m hoping they preform as well if not better than last model which I’ve got a 2&4 iron in
    It’s going to be a frustrating wait to get hands on them

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