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By Jack T

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Anyone gaming different shafts in their wedges to irons? I've got a w flex currently, with s400's in my irons and I'm struggling with the weight difference especially with my 50.

  2. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    looking on the forums the wedge flex seems to be S200 or S300 depending on the loft of the wedge, there was a discussion a while back regarding this

    I had a fitting with a Titleist Thursday session a few months back and Tim the excellent fitter recommended I had the same shafts fitted to the wedges as I would have in my irons.

    Hope this helps?
  3. Simon s

    Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

    Hi Jack

    I have KBS tour S+ in my AP2’s and in my wedges I have KBS Hi-rev 2 in X stiff and they feel perfectly weight matched through the set. Might well be worth changing yours to match your irons so the weight in the shaft matches better.
  4. Alistair W

    Alistair W
    Dunfermline, Fife

    I’ve got Project X Pxi 5.5 shafts in my irons
    All my wedges are SM7’s but I’ve got different shafts in them all!

    My 50 is an F grind with the same shafts as my irons, as I use it for full shots almost all the time I wanted the same shaft as the irons

    Next is a 54 S grind, that’s got a Nippon Pro Modus Tour 3 125 shaft. Almost the same weight as the stock wedge shaft but a slightly lower flight and more spin. This is my go to wedge and I use it for full and partial shots as well as around the green. I’m really pleased with this shaft, feels really smooth and stable

    My 60 is an M grind, it’s got the stock shaft which feels slightly heavier. I rarely hit full shots but use it often for bunkers or pop up shots of various types

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