Team Titleist bag tag.

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By Matt S

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  1. Does anyone know how you get a bag tag?

  2. just stay active on the team titleist forum helping around etc and you may get rewarded with one matt :)
  3. Forum first! Community second! Gifts are just Titleist way of saying thank you to its faithful followers.

    I get that you want a TT bag tag but there's only one way to get one and that's to get involved in this awesome opportunity.

    Don't expect cause not everyone gets one as there is such a massive following for this great company and their amazing golf gear.

  4. Please refer to the latest news from TT.
    There are non left.
    Some pieces of TT goodies may still be sent out, but don't keep asking for things.
    These items are a special treat, occasionally given out by the good TT Fairy.
    Join in with the forum, leave some comments, make some friends.
    But if you joined in the hope of may be in for a long, long, long wait.
  5. Charles J

    Charles J
    Baar, ZUG

    So you cannot just buy 1 or more then?
  6. Thanks for the post guys! Here is a link with all of the info on this topic and more.

    As always, thanks for being a part of Team Titleist!

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