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By blair

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  1. blair


    Hi guys Currently on my honeymoon in Spain, I have a very accepting wife and she knew she would be a golf widow long before now. She actually let me bring my clubs as well so I’ve played a round of golf and been to the range a few times at the Jack Nicklaus signature course at the Alhama golf resort where we are staying. Just wondering if any of you guys have done anything similar or if it’s just me that managed to get away with it. Cheers Blair

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  2. Blair,
    Really not sure how you got away with that...
    There is absolutely no possibility of mixing golf (or any other sport, come to that!!) with holidays in our family.
  3. Robert


    Congratulations Blair on your recent nuptials and for marrying a lady that understands that there is only one love in your life , and she is second

  4. richbow9


    Wow, your new wife is definitely a keeper! I’ve ‘semi’ joked for years about taking my clubs on holiday, but I just get ‘that look’ and know that it’s best to keep quiet!
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Don't get too cocky there's probably a reason for allowing it...… i.e. I'm buying that expensive handbag! Well I did let you play golf on our honeymoon!!!!!
  6. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    Maybe she'll take up the game! My wife of 35 years rode along on a round during our honeymoon. That was before she took up the game herself. Now she plays along.

    Soon after we were first married, an older co-worker was talking about how the worst thing you could do is teach your wife to fish or play golf. The next time together he was telling one minute about the bass she caught and later about a round of golf together. I busted him about it and he remarked that, indeed, he did preach against it because now he never gets to go with just the guys. She wants to go along all the time.

    My wife doesn't like to fish, but we have a weekly golf round together and practice a little, too. We've been empty nesters over ten years now and it's nice to have a hobby like that we can enjoy together.
  7. Declan R

    Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

    Similar to you Blair I also brought the clubs with me on my honeymoon back in 2000.........Lagos in The Algarve was the destination and I played 2 or 3 rounds on The Palmares course there.... Enjoy.
  8. Paul C

    Paul C

    For our honeymoon we went to Turtle Bay in Hawaii where they have two championship courses on site.
    My wife was perfectly fine with me playing both courses while we were there, she even defended the decision to a friend of ours before we went. They said I can’t believe you are letting him play golf to which she replied - ‘Well it’s his holiday too’.
    She also bought my wedding present while there too which was my first Scotty .

    It was almost made perfect when I just missed a hole in one by a putters head .
  9. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    And you are going to say you had Seve, Jack and Arnie in your 4 ball as well …. LOL

    Seriously I get accused of playing too much golf and married long enough to have gotten parole...

    Mrs C is obviously a good woman you lucky man..

  10. Robert H

    Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

    Luck guy Blair.!
  11. I also took my clubs on our honeymoon from the UK to Hawaii nearly 10 years ago. She already knew that wherever we would normally go on holiday, I would take my clubs and our honeymoon was the same. I played twice in the two week at Kapalua – Plantation Course and the Wailea Country Club – Gold Course.

    Some of our friends did question me taking my clubs, but I think is no different to telling you partner that she cannot go to the spa either which she did while we were away.

    Every year when they play the tournament of champions on the PGA Tour it brings back happy memories of our honeymoon.
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