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By AntD

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  1. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    After my TS hybrid fitting yesterday I was waiting for possible arrival of Scotty specialist so was trying the new irons (did like the CB's which was a step up from my current AP1's) and tried a TS4 head with my current 917D Evenflow shaft as spin has always been my enemy with the driver.

    The results were good but Chris the fitted said beware if you hit off centre as it wasn't as forgiving as the other TS drivers. What he suggested was to reduce the weight on my 917D and he produced some weights for me to try.

    We didn't get any numbers as fittings were in progress but I have the following to try out:

    Original fit was 9.5d with 12g draw with A2 setting After TS fitting last year changed to D2 setting

    I now have the 10g and 8g in draw and neutral to try out. I might need to change lie angle if the weight change moves strike so I'm going to document changes and hopefully catch up with Chris at ESN to get some numbers and advice.

    Anyone else out there tried changing the specs and what were your results?

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  2. Ant,
    Bit too brave for me... I have (with my trusted fitter!) altered the settings to "flatten" the lie of my TS3 driver. Having settled on B to optimise flatness, I've tinkered with the settings to try to keep the face setting closed without promoting a hook. I've settled now at B1 for my TS2 fairways and hybrid as well as the driver and I'm pretty happy with the results.
    It's good for the confidence to have settled the woods and I think I'm becoming more consistent as a result.
    Good luck with your quest!!
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Interesting that you were looking at changing the head weight when during the TS Hybrid fitting we changed the KuroKage shaft (that I have in my fairways) to the Tensei which is slightly heavier and which gave a similar distance but with a higher flight and slightly better dispersion (not that the KK was bad) and fitter said this was also improving ball speed as well. So maybe trying a slightly heavier shaft will help as that might not feel as heavy at transition.

    Sure you'll get there.

  4. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    I spoke to my club pro today about getting a heavier weight for my TS2 driver. We tried heavier weights at my fitting but at the time I felt I was losing control of the club at the top of the back swing a bit with the extra weight.

    I’m wondering now though if the extra weight will help the MOI and if a bit of practice will overcome the control issue.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Played in club comp and 9 hole friendly last week and results were promising although it seems to have affected the sound off the face...or possibly just me...

    Played in club comp at Bishopswood (a tight 9 holer) where I hadn't played before and seemed to be getting some extra distance without affecting accuracy...Playing tomorrow at Castle Royle and hopefully will see similar results although more open course which isn't my preference.

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