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By Adam H

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  1. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    Hi there,

    Can anyone from Titleist help. I placed an order from Pleasington GC back on the 20th August for a combo set of T100 & T200 irons. Wasn’t expecting them for launch date as I realise that it’s a busy time, however the pro shop called through to whoever it is they order them with and they were told (whilst I was stood there listening) that they were getting built last weekend and should be shipped on Monday 2nd and will be with our pro shop by Wednesday 4th at the latest.

    I’ve been up to the shop today and it appears that the pro shop have now been told they “might” be here next week?

    Is there anyone here who can shed some light on when they will actually turn up? I’m itching to get out on the course with them.

  2. Hi Adam, looking at your order this is awaiting assembly. Having spoken to our custom clubs team they would expect this to be with you roughly this time next week.
  3. Adam,
    I'm curious to know how you combo'd T100 with T200?
    Where do the T200 come in?
    The potential additional power at the top end of T200 is very attractive but the lofts are a bit different (4 degrees between the respective 7 irons)
    I've got AP2 & AP3 irons as a combo and was prepared to put up with the loft step between AP2 8 iron & the AP3 7 iron without "bending"either club (or both!!) to smooth out the gapping.
    Have you planned anything drastic or just play them as standard and, like me, live with the difference?
  4. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    4-6 in the T200, 7-PW with the T100.

    No alterations to start, just live with any gapping distance. That’s not to say I won’t slightly alter them later on in life.
  5. Adam,
    Thanks for that - Think you're right to let things bed-in before making adjustments.
    Some of the modern, strong-lofted clubs seem to impact on height as much as length so you need to find out just how they perform rather than being driven by the lofts.
    I also understand why you're going for a combo - the latent power of the top end T200's is difficult to argue against.
    Good luck with them.
  6. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    Just heard that they have arrived at the golf club!! Going to collect them in the morning and (like an excited school child) put them straight in the bag for a 2 day board comp!

    I’ve probably had better ideas but hey ho.
  7. Do it!! I got my T100's and U500 a week ago and chucked them straight in the bag. Played 3 competitions with them and shot under my handicap on all 3! Got myself down to 8.8 from 9.8 in a week with the new clubs. I love them!
  8. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    Enjoy the new irons!! They look incredible.

    I've got a custom option U510 on order and it has been delayed towards the end of September due to demand :(

    It'll just make it all the better when the UPS man arrives!
  9. Milos V

    Milos V
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    I am still waiting for my T200 and U510. Last week Titleist promised me T200 by Friday Sep 6th but I did not get them, neither today. For U510 they told me that they are on back order. I placed my order on Aug 9th and now is exactly one month and still without new clubs. I was on fitting in St. Ives on Aug 8th and was promised to get the clubs by the ned of August. I still hope that T200 will arrive soon but for U510 even Titleist can't tell me when!
  10. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    Wow!! Just wow!!

    Managed to hit my handicap both rounds. Still locking down distances for all of them, but a miles better strike than with my old clubs. Longer but more importantly a lot tighter dispersion.

    Definitely worth the wait and the money.

  11. Kev2177

    england, 0

    Still waiting for my T100's we're supposed to be here today.
  12. Milos V

    Milos V
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Finally got my new T200. I was fitted Nippon Pro Modus 120 stiff. I already tried them yesterday in the evening in driving range. Excellent!!! I will play first round with them tomorrow.
    Now I only wait for my U510 but there is a shortage of club heads. I hope by the end of September I will get it.
  13. Milos V

    Milos V
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Finally got my T200. Very excited! I was fitted Nippon Pro Modus 120 stiff, 0.75" longer. I immediately went to a driving range to try them - Excellent! Tomorrow I will play first round with them.
  14. Ordered T100's and was informed they would be 7/10 working days....just about there now but was that optimistic?
  15. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Any of you get rid of your AP3s for the new TS irons?

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