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By Martin H

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  1. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Has anyone tried testing these back to back yet?

    The 510 looks like a slightly more forgiving long iron along the lines of the T-MBs whereas the 510 looks a great deal 'chunkier' and similar to a hybrid and possibly easier to hit.

    Thoughts please.

  2. James Harris

    James Harris
    Essex, 0

    I have tried them both and found them easy to hit - one no more so than the other to be honest. Off the tee and fairway I think they would be a fantastic addition but doubt they would be as forgiving as my hybrids from the rough where I spend most of my time!!
  3. I have the larger U510 4 iron as I needed something to help get the ball up in the air. Very forgiving and it flies and even allows a 1 iron option. The U500 will be more workable.
  4. Martin,
    Yes, I've tried both at the same session. As you say, the U500 is more streamlined, an evolution of the T-MB while the U510 is a departure for Titleist being large (a crossover?) with a lot of club behind the face.
    I have a T-MB 4iron (Dynamic Gold reg. shaft) in the bag and use it lots. I like a long iron so the U range seemed right up my street, and so it proved. The Hzrdus shaft is really good in this range and makes it easy to launch the ball. Have tried the 2, 3 & 4 irons at ForeGolf Chester and have been fitted for a U500 3iron in stiff. I may even go back for a 2iron at some time!! I liked the slimmer top line of the 500 and the more muted sound. It was easy to hit, was long & went in the intended direction. Good looking & just what I wanted.
    The 510 is quite loud, I assume this is due to the large and mostly hollow head. Though easy to launch, I just wasn't as comfortable with the 510 - didn't like the chunky look or the noise, and the 500 performed better for me.
    You really need to try them for yourself.
  5. SAnderson


    I tried both at a fitting. Although I preferred the look of the 500, the 510 was easier to hit.
    I then tried the TS hybrids and that had a lot better dispersion so ended up buying the hybrid.
  6. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm thinking of replacing my hybrid with one and although both look like they will work from the tee it will be interesting to see which works better from the rough, if either do.
  7. Martin,
    If it helps, I dumped a fairway and kept the hybrid. I'm better with the hybrid so I sacrificed distance for consistent strike and versatility. That's how I rationalised it anyway.
  8. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Thanks JT.
  9. blair


    I just got a U500 3 iron and a U500 4 iron and they are simply awesome, so easy to hit and go very straight with a lovely flight.
    I’ve been trying to find a go to club off the tee other than my driver for years and I’ve finally found it.
    Can’t recommend them enough.
  10. Play off 8 and was fitted yesterday to replace my aging 816h 19* which I use for a low running draw on my home moorland links course at Yelverton. Tried both the u500/510 2 irons. Both easy to get airborne and straight with the required low draw, but u510 feel was too tinny and quite a difference to the u500 which was more solid and buttery for a fellow AP2 user.

    Also tried the TS3 hybrid 19*. Distance between the hybrid and u500/510 was very consistent at about 220 carry, but shot dispersion was far tighter with lower spin and roll out for the u500 which has now been purchased.
  11. I tried both but the fitter recommended I play a 19 & 23 hybrid as they have more variety particularly out of the rough.

    They both flew an absolute mile though.

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