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Golf Balls

How good is this???

The snow banks/drifts are mostly getting the melt job. I was just out in the driveway and noticed a brown object sticking out...

Vokey Design Wedges

New 7's

I purchased the new 7's as soon as I could, actually got them early. I normally buy 2 of each, especially the 54.08 which...

Golf Balls


I see the AVX is now available for custom order on My Titleist! Thanks to the powers that be for another great choice of a...

The Clubhouse

Titleist on the road

On a business trip to England, I took an extra to acclimate to the time change. I stayed at the Hanbury Manor outside of...

Golf Clubs

Iron fitting

Dear Titleist concierge, I was fitted for a set of 718 AP2’s back in late October 2017. The fitter at Golf Galaxy put me in...

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