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By Felipe P

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  1. Felipe P

    Felipe P
    Melbourne, VIC

    We are almost two weeks away from the commencement of my favourite major: The Masters. I am extremely excited about the possibility of Cam Smith becoming another Aussie to win a major championship.

    If he does so, he will enter quite an exquisite and prestigious elite of Aussie players which I have always admired such as Peter Thompson, Greg Norman, Ian Baker-Finch, David Graham, Geoff Ogilvy, Adam Scott and Jason Day among others.

    When I lived in Colombia, I used to watch the Masters with my dad; we got glued to the TV as of the par-3 contest, the day before round 1. I always have fond memories of the 2nd week of April. Now that I'm living in Australia, because of the time difference plus the fact that I have not got my dad around, it just feels different.

    Have you got any family traditions related to the Masters?

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I grew up in East Tennessee on a farm and my family was not into golf. They referred to it as cow pasture pool. I started playing golf late in life in 1984 when I moved to S Carolina. Over the years I watched the Masters on the boob tube and had always dreamed of going and my friends made that dream come true when I moved here. We would drive up to Augusta every Monday from Charleston (Mt Pleasant) and pay our $10.50 and watch the practice round. Over the years I watched the practice rounds, the Wednesday par three event, and actually was able to go with some of my buddies who parents who lived there on the weekends. It became so crowed that I really prefer at the age of 75, to watch it on TV. With the committee instituting the lottery in 1995 I have not been able to get any tickets since. Those days of going up at decent prices are gone with the wind. The Masters is still a Southern tradition. Northing like it. Something the PGA cannot control.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    And yes, I will be pulling for Cam, our Titleist Ambassador and a darn good player. He presents Australia and Titleist at the highest level.
  4. It is exciting to see Aussie's dominating once again and the masters should not be different this year! Go Cam!!


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