Current NZ delivery timeframes?

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By tekeha

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  1. tekeha

    Wanganui, Wanganui

    What are the current delivery timeframes in NZ. Gonna treat myself to full set Driver to putter plus bag.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Good for you! Suggest you talk with your local Titleist dealer to discuss what their best guess average might be for turnaround time. Not only does it vary by location (country) but the choices you make in shafts and grips could also impact the schedule as many items continue to have source delays prior to the club assembly. Certain bags have also been delayed from their manufacturing location in Vietnam. Hopefully, you get your without too many problems. Cheers.
  3. I’m moving back to Australia later this year. How long is the current delivery dates for custom clubs?

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