Going softer to achieve compression vs. all new equipment?

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By RMastin

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  1. I have traditionally played and been fit to very stiff shafts due to having a very hard transition + high swing speed and the prov1 X has been great!

    I took about 3 years off from playing all together (having two kids) but in 2017 I was able to get 4 or 5 rounds in along with a few range sessions. This is compared to my previous 5-7 rounds/week along with multiple practice sessions.

    I noticed the few times I was able to play that my ball flight was considerably lower and my carry distance is about 1.5 clubs less. Of course I would expect to lose speed not playing much and my entire set excluding the putter is now too stiff and I’m not achieving the same compression.

    Can I just switch to the softest ball possible vs. having to buy 13 new clubs?

  2. Bomber3

    Lake St Louis, MO

    Changing to a softer ball is certainly something you could try before buying new clubs or re-shafting the ones you have. You might also want to think about a couple tune-up lessons since you have had an extended layoff.
  3. 2 Bogey

    2 Bogey
    Cincinnati, OH

    I had hip replacement and noticed a loss in distance. Took some lessons and distance is back.
  4. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    May be time to get new sticks. I don't think it's the ball IMO.. Go to one the Titleist Thursday and get fitted for the new 718 line.. They'll compare your old and the new ones by looking at the Trackman numbers... They did it for me...
  5. The new Tour Soft has the softest compression yet, if you want to go that route. I would be interested to know if that helped at all. I would hate to pass up a good reason to get new clubs though... haha
  6. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The ball would only be to optimize to your game, not gain 1.5 clubs. If you're under 40 and only been out 3 years, you might want to get a TPI evaluation of your mechanics. You might need to gain back some range of motion, and this will have a lifetime benefit. After that, re-shafting is an option for the occasional play. If your clubs are 5 or more years old, there's enough improvement to start to work on upgrading your equipment if you plan on playing 25+ rounds a year.
  7. I had the same issue after taking almost ten years off from game. Stiff shafts and loss of speed meant ball compression change did little, to nothing, to make up loss of length. Didn’t want to, but after fitting and seeing distance and accuracy improvements with 718 AP1 irons and 818 H1 Hybrids, I bit the bullet and bought new clubs. Best decision of the year! Good luck.
  8. BCH


    Good luck getting back into the swing of things after a few years off.
    Took about 25 years off from playing to raise a family and getting back to it after a long layoff.

    First thing I would HIGHLY recommend is to see a trainer in your area that can help you with strength, agility and range of motion. I lost ALOT of swing speed and distance and it was tough to take at first. Working back in and seeing some improvement (about 10% increase in distance after year 1). Still a way to go but that's why we do it right!

    Changing clubs?
    Personally if they are older and too stiff, replace them. Go to a Titleist club fitting day and see what works best for you. Amazing what technology is out there now to help you. Test the balls that are offered and pick one that benefits you and stick with that ball all season. Evaluate and upgrade as your body / swing allows.

    I truly wish you the best on your journey!!

    Best of luck!!
  9. I always go the softer ball for that reason. Latest reports might say that I lose 10 or 15 yards but I hit the softer balls straighter - noticeably less side spin in the air which is worth a lot more than the lost few yards distance

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