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By Bryan L

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  1. Bryan L
    massillon, OH

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    I just need to share this for any of those who has not taken advantage of the Titleist Thursday program. Do yourself a favor and go experience it.

    I had the best irons fitting that i have ever received. Justin Long my fitting specialist spent a great amount of time helping me get fit into the 718 AP3's. This is the first time i had this thorough of a fitting on the trackman machine breaking down my golf swing.

    Instead of putting a band aid on my swing by just recommending a more forgiving iron he helped me correct an error that was costing me distance and accuracy. the fix he suggested was repeatable once i got the feel for it and my numbers and ball striking were much improved. My miss hits were so much closer to my target after using his drills and corrective actions. Thank you Titleist for the training you provide to your fitting specialists and thanks for the Titleist Thursdays. Most of all thank you to Justin Long and Windmill Lakes for your expertise and time. I cant wait to golf. Bryan L.

  2. Mike r
    Amherst, OH

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    Justin is a great fitter and he has helped me a lot.

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