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By Jason M

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  1. Had my TSR driver fitting today with a Titleist rep at a PGA Tour Superstore. Fitter was legit, brought his own Trackman and RCT balls which I was thrilled about. Expected to go with TSR2 and Ventus Blue 60X, ended up going with TSR4 and Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 60X.

    My current setup is a 913 D3 with a Fujikura Fuel 60X from 2012.

    My ball speed jumped from 169mph to 174mph as expected. The most eye opening data was the spin rate. I would frequently average 3100 rpm with my current setup and the TSR4 was producing 1900-2100 rpm and I was amazed. Very tight dispersion and unbelievable forgiveness on off-center hits.

    With the higher launch and lower spin, my carry distance jumped from 275y, up to 300-305y.

    Team Titleist member since the beginning, never leaving.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    There are some great fitters out there and we need to recognize them by name. Bill Forbes, Titleist Product Specialist, Pawleys Island, SC and David Ayres, Titleist Certified Fitter, David Ayres Lowcountry Golf, Mt Pleasant, SC two guys we can count on here in the low country. Names that are recognized throughout the industry with over 25 years experience fitting. Kudos to Billy and David. Thanks guys, we really appreciate you and what you bring to your clients. =)
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Totally agree Chuck. I have often said that fitters are like doctors. They can be schooled in the practice but you can also have varying degrees of quality in execution. Luckily I just went to TPI Oceanside (the Johns Hopkins of fitting locations) and was treated by an excellent fitter in Joey Saewitz. How he ever thought to experiment with shorter shaft lengths I have no idea but the proof was in the numbers, both ball speed improved and accuracy, even while I struggled to swing the club that day. At best I had my C+ swing going but Dr. Joey still had the cure. Looking forward to applying this prescription to help the incurable disease I call my golf game.

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