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By Justin Helton

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  1. Justin Helton

    Justin Helton
    Newnan, Georgia

    I'm not sure how many of you have done both of these but does anyone have an opinion on the difference between a Fitting Event locally or The institute in Oceanside? I feel like you will get a better experience at TPI but I could be mistaken. I have never had a fitting. I have had the 718 AP2's since drop and I'm looking for some new irons. My handicap at the end of last year was at 3.4 and I'm looking to drop it down. I consistently miss right with my irons and that would be the main thing I would want to fix. Everyone says a fitting will change your life so I'm going to book one. My fitter would be Brandon Cauldwell in ATL if I went to a fitting event.

    Thanks for any input.

  2. Alex N

    Alex N

    Hey Justin! Personally I’ve never done a fitting event, but I did a fitting at TPI last year. From what I have heard about the fitting events, I think you can expect to have the same sort of results as TPI. The main difference between the two is probably the grandeur of going to TPI and how they treat you. When you show up your name is up on a TV, you get your own locker for the day, and the conditions in which you are hitting are practically perfect. But the fitting itself that you get from a fitter at TPI vs one of the events I’m sure is going to yield the same results.
  3. Joseph R

    Joseph R
    Pacific North West

    This is a great question! I have had the pleasure of experiencing the TPI fitting in 2012 (for Irons and Woods), a recent (2023) wedge fitting at a Regional fitter and a driver fitting at a big box golf store. My 2012 TPI fitting was definitely cherished and at that time I was a 15+ handicap with the intention of working hard on my technique and physical ability. That tricky fitting was definitely money well spent since it accommodated not the swing at the time but the anticipation of a faster swing speed but smooth tempo. We discussed club head, shaft and resultant swingweights using my preferred ball, on turf and outdoor of course. My wedge fitting was less satisfying since the conditions weren't as controlled - non-Titleist range balls, no focus time around the greens and I didn't get a chance at trialing a range of shafts. My big-box driver fitting was rushed - not sure why but I fired off 40 drives in 20 mins and I did not learn anything about the driver, the numbers, or the combination. That was a waste of time. I look forward to going to a proper Driver fitting for the next model of Driver. My recommendation for you would be to express what you want to get out of the session to the fitter before booking - whether it be at an event or at TPI - and discuss how they could accommodate it to see if that gains your confidence. Best of luck TT brother!
  4. James Young

    James Young
    Costa Mesa, CA

    Luck to have done both. Over the years - full bag and driver only at TPI, all clubs at local events. Living in Southern California allowed TPI fitting to happen a little easier ($$$ wise).

    Going to TPI the first time, I was probably more excited about the 'place where pros get fit' vs 'what is best for my game'. It's a special place for us Titleist fans. Quickly found out the layout/range for woods/irons is directed towards the ocean which means if there's any wind/breeze - you're hitting directly into it. Also, during the late afternoon you're looking directly into the setting sun. Afterwards, I couldn't help but wonder if it effected my swing/the results (for distance and dispersion). FYI - they have been reconstructing the entire hitting facility and I haven't seen the new layout... yet.

    Admittedly, I really like to take my time during fittings - especially for driver and iron shafts. TPI didn't make me feel rushed but I know I rushed myself when not hitting shots like I know I could because "this was it". Local fittings haven't carried that 'special' feel, plus easier to do 'Woods Only'/'Irons Only'/'Wedges Only' rather than squeeze them all in at TPI.

    My opinion, if you're already coming out and want a special experience, TPI is worth it to do at least once. I would certainly recommend it for a Wedge fitting because of the facilities. If your local iron fitting will be off grass and the fitter will have lots of shaft options, might be good to try it with less on the line - especially if you've never had a fitting before.

    Good luck!
  5. Corey T

    Corey T
    Tyrone, GA

    Justin, I will agree that a fitting is a game changer!!! My last Titleist fitting was back when they were doing the free fittings on Wednesdays (been years ago - pre-pandemic). I'm not too far from you and in the same boat ... I'm looking at getting fit for new wedges. I noticed that Brandon will be at West Pines next month so I'm weighing going there or making a trip to Manchester Lane. One thing I noted is that they now charge a fee for the local fittings (was free years ago - smile), but they apply the fee to the cost of clubs purchased (this is not the case if you go to Manchester Lane or TPI).
  6. Justin Helton

    Justin Helton
    Newnan, Georgia

    I appreciate all the input. I am on the wait list for the specific date I will be in Cali. I am flying out for the Orange County TT event and was hoping to get this done the same days I would be there. I am thinking I am going to try the fitting event for my first fitting. I need to have irons and wedges done so I may do irons first go around at the local fitting. I like the idea of a wedge fitting at TPI because of the reasons stated. I work for Delta Airlines so I can fly out anytime to get a fitting. Appreciate all the responses.

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