a little history behind why Titleist and where the search for the #1 ball in golf began

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By Michael E

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  1. Michael E

    Michael E
    New York

    Phillip E. "Skipper" Young, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded Titleist in 1932.[5] When playing a round of golf with his dentist, Young missed a sure putt that seemed to be caused by the weight of the ball. He then asked his dentist friend to X-ray the ball and the film showed that the rubber core was off-center. After this initial discovery, Young took X-rays of more golf balls and found that most were poorly constructed with off-center cores and prone to erratic shots. This inspired Young to produce his own line of golf balls, which would become known as Titleist.[6]

    1930: Young developed a machine that could uniformly wind rubber string around a rubber core, making a "dead center" golf ball. He named the ball "Titleist," noting it was the "winner" of the quest to create the best for the game.

    1935: The golf division of the Acushnet Process Company produced the Titleist golf ball, which had consistently been the company's most successful product.

    1948: Introduced "Dynamite Thread" to increase the yardage of their balls.

    1949: Titleist became the most used ball at the U.S. Open Tournament.

    1976: Titleist was purchased by American Brands (now known as Fortune Brands).

    1985: Fortune Brands]sold off the Acushnet Company's Acushnet Rubber division, which was Acushnet's original business (circa early 1900s).

    2002: Titleist reached the $1 billion mark in annual revenues.

  2. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    Some of that I remember and some of it I had forgotten. Great post.
  3. Deno

    New Jersey

    Titleist has a great history and continue adding to their legacy. Great reading the history of the #1 name in golf.

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