Pro v1x v tp5x

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By TTBrock

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  1. TTBrock


    They are getting closer, but still not in my bag... the 1x is still king. What say you?

  2. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    ProV1x and TP5x are very different balls. Don't let the "x" in the name confuse things.

    I would describe them this way (based on the primary characteristics you're looking for in a golf ball):

    ProV1x Highest
    ProV1 Middle
    AVX Lowest

    ProV1x Highest
    ProV1 High (but lower than x)
    AVX Moderate

    ProV1x Soft (but firmer than ProV1)
    ProV1 Soft
    AVX Very Soft

    ProV1x is a 4-piece premium golf ball with high launch and low spin, but it's slightly firmer and has a higher spin than the regular ProV1. And the AVX is even softer than the ProV1 with even less spin.

    You should test the balls around the green, and also determine if your irons and woods could benefit from an increase or decrease in spin. But I would recommend choosing a golf ball primarily for how it performs on and around the green.

    Having worked at PGA Tour events on the driving range, I can tell you first hand that the vast majority, and it's not even close, play the Titleist ProV1 or ProV1x golf balls (it's like 95% of the players in the field, and virtually everyone that isn't paid to play something else).

    The TP5x is a 5-piece ball that is very low spin on irons, and probably more comparable to the AVX in terms of spin performance. But unlike the AVX, it's a very firm golf ball, firmer than any of the Titleist balls mentioned above. Most golfers prefer the feel of a softer ball, so if the lower spin performance could help your iron game, you should consider testing the 2020 AVX ball.
  3. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    In addition to the AVX ball, another good option to test would be the ProV1x Left Dash. It will be a little firmer and lower spinning, and probably the most similar to the TP5x ball in overall performance.

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