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By Edmund F

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  1. Edmund F

    Edmund F
    Glendale, NY

    I haven't played much the past few years and am losing balls. Which of the least expensive Titleist balls compare to the ProV1, Prov1X. I am not looking for a rock hard ball, nor distance. I want something with feel and good(spin) around the green. Thanks.

  2. The Tour Soft would be the next ball in line. The Exp01 is also a soft ball, but I can't comment on the spin around the green. I pulled one out yesterday as I didn't want to lose another -ProV1x, and hit the longest 5 iron of my life. It was soft off the face and just carried (into the next hazard)…...
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Not many urethane covered balls are less than $40 a dozen - or near the price of a Pro-V. The other Acushnet (non-urethane cover) options are Titleist TruFeel, Titleist TourSoft, Union Green-Pindrop (online only ordering). I have no idea how well Pinnacle Soft spins - presumably better than the Rush. But the price is low.

    If you can find X-out ($20 at or Practice Pro-V's (around $30), they are the closest to the first quality Pro-V's. Just can't use them in competition.

    Recycled balls are often recoated/revarnished and are no longer Pro-V quality. Don't go there.

  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    You will not find anything that spins like the ProV's in the cheaper line. The closest compromise would be the Tour Soft. It replaced the old NXT ball. It is much better feeling than the Velocity and TruFeel but doesn't have the high spin characteristics you get from the ProV's. My opinion anyway. Lots of people like the TruFeel. Maybe get a sleeve of Tour Soft and a sleeve of TruFeel and test them out. See which you like best. The other option is to get past generation ProV's at the cheaper price if you can still find some.
  5. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    There are no comparisons. Best in the business. I can totally understand not wanting to lose proV's without getting some use out of them, but there really isn't anything that will feel the same. Dale has given you good advice, try a sleeve of the Tour Soft or TruFeel!
  6. I've played the tru-feel balls they feel pretty decent, maybe buy a dozen get more accurate with them and save up for some more prov1's #playthebest

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