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By RFranco

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  1. Why when I spin my Titleist Pro V1 balls, on a Check GO machine, the true center of gravity is different from the markings on the Titleist balls?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Guess it has to stop somewhere or it would spin forever.
  3. Boys there is nothing better then hitting a nice chip with the Pro V1 and throwing it up to the hole and just stopping like you yanked it on a chain a few inches from the hole...

    I am a new team Titleist member and have been an avid Titleist guy most all my life. 9 handicap
    I play about a hundred rounds last year. I have just started back after a few months break. I would love to give accurate feedback on products to genuinely help Titleist!

    What can I expect from being a team Titleist member? is there anything that would make me a more appealing candidate to receive free products for testing and review? Heck I would take even just some Pro-V1's. it's hard for me to afford them now with medical bills and everything, thanks boys

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