Vintage Titleist Golf Balls

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By Vincent C

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  1. Vincent C

    Vincent C
    Clearwater, FL

    I have recently come across a few dozen of Titleist Acushnet Golf Balls both Standard and British Size. I am interested if anyone would know the year these came out and also possibly a value. I have checked completed on items On EBay and have an idea on value. Feel free to chime in with your opinion on these.

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  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    With respect, whatever someone is willing to pay. If you can find a demand for these and a potential collector of golf balls. Golf balls generally go down in value. Give it a go on eBay.
  3. james f

    james f
    Wahiawa, HI

    Those are really cool. Nice collectors item. Definitely worth what someone is willing to pay, and usually there is always one that pays top dollar.

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