What is Your Go-to Shot?

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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. What's your stock shot with your Titleist ball? Gentle butter cut? Spinner flop shot? 

    For me, whenever I'm licking my chops whenever I have 80-130 yards into the green. Nothing better than a low, piercing wedge shot that takes a hop and then stops on a dime. 

    What's your go-to, Team Titleist? 

  2. Craig D

    Craig D
    Canton, OH

    Baby fade off the tee box is almost always step 1 for me. Much greater chance for the next one if it is from the fairway.
  3. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    80 yards in, lovely little wedge shot.


    Off the tee with my U510 2 iron.
  4. I know Jack (or somebody) said the straight shot was the hardest shot to hit but with anything in the 8-iron through GW range my go-to is just neutral setup, stock swing and watch the ball go straight up in the air then straight down again.

    Longer clubs want to turn over a little so I have to guard against the hook and wedges I'm usually hitting some kind of in between shot that will cut a little. But both of those requirement some judgment (read "guessing") while that straight short iron/full wedge shot is very confidence inspiring.
  5. 240 yard 3-wood. Straight and low
  6. Hooded 4 Iron from 6 feet into the woods. A little left to right action on a low stinger. I am in the woods a lot. I have practiced this one quite a bit.
  7. Draw or Fade with my new TS3 13.5 3 wood, very hot club
  8. Using my Titleist driver off the tee, I enjoy seeing my Titleist ball going long and straight... if you like that kind of thing!
  9. Dead arm flop drop stop with a 52* wedge - 40 to 10 yards in. Must be a low numbered ProV1x with 3 red dots to execute properly. 52* works better than 56* or 60* because it is easier to control the height and distance and just use the arm swing rather than the loft to control distance. Ball must be played off the left heel not back in your stance.
  10. 115 yds out with my 52 degree Vokey wedge!! Count it!! Drain O!!
  11. a Wide open 60 degree wedge, full swing from 15 yards over a bunker....
    When it works.. nothing else like it
    Post Image
  12. 90 - 125 yards in. 90 is a 3/4 58 degree SM7. 125 is a smooth 54 degree SM7. Coupled with an AVX and I am licking my chops. I carry 4 wedges in 4 degree increments.
  13. My best shot was a Hole in One in August 1991. I was playing a balata Titleist 4 at Sunset Ridge Country Club. The 17th hole is a 165 yard par-3 from the men’s tees. The pin was cut back right. I hit a solid 7-iron about three feet past the cup and the spin on the ball drew the ball back into the hole for my sole Hole-in-One at Sunset Ridge CC in Northbrook, IL. I was employed at that time at the club. I bought every member inside the Men’s lounge post round a cocktail. The members thought that was so mics they gathered a collection of money and caught me in the parking lot and handed me $220. That was very kind of them.
  14. Cut shot off the tee with the driver especially when holding against the wind.
  15. It's gotta be a "dead leg" flop from 50 yards with my 64 degree. There's just something fun about seeing that ProV ball vanish into the clouds. Then have it sit softly on the green like a butterfly with hemorrhoids.
  16. Hard cut stinger
  17. Leave me with 140 yard 9-iron with a little draw to a left pin and I am one happy camper!
    Post Image
  18. 5-20 yards off the green pitch and run with a 54 degree Vokey. Money!
  19. I agree, the low wedge into the green, one hop and stop is the best.
  20. Daniel  C

    Daniel C
    Harrisburg, NC

    3/4 punch/knockdown into the green with my 52* Vokey SM7 slate blue
  21. Schultzie

    Fairfax, VA

    Either 210 out with my hybrid
    80 yards with my vokey TVD wedge just past the pin to let it roll back
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