Which Titleist flies highest?

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By Mike M

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  1. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    My ball flight is pretty low. I'd like to add some height and wonder if a ball change may help slightly.

    I currently play the ProV1x. So which flies higher; AVX;ProV1 or ProV1x?

    Thank you

  2. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    V1x claims to fly higher, then V1, then AVX flies the lowest. But I can make all of them fly high with my swing as I just naturally hit a high shot with my irons always have.

    But off the tee it's the order I mentioned even when I have used those different balls. I currently use Pro V1 because I like the mid ball flight off the tee here in windy Kansas.

  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The 1x is the highest flighted ball. At least for driver/wood/hybrids you can try adding loft. Many amateurs use lofts too low and shafts too stiff for maximum flight.

    Low to high flight - AVX - Pro-V1 - Pro-V1x
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I have the same challenge and last year moved from the ProV1 to the ProV1x. I knew the ProV1x was the highest spinning and highest ball flight of the ball options but always liked to softer feel of the ProV1. I went to the TTI Short Game event at Pinehurst last year and they were doing ball fittings. After hitting driver, 7 iron, and wedge, the TrackMan data confirmed what I already knew, that I needed to move to the ProV1x. It took about 3 months to adjust, mainly the feel of the putter. Glad I made the change as it has helped my driving distance and my iron play. My suggestion would be to stick with the ProV1x and either change clubs/shafts for more height or get a pro to look at your swing. I hit a low, pull draw due to fighting a closed face, open shoulders at impact, and excessive shaft lean. No ball in the world is going to solve that for me. Hit'm straight and stay safe.
  5. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Dale, sounds like we have a lot in common, as far as the golf swing is concerned. I've been a low ball hitter for 50 years. That's not going to change any time soon. I load heavy and late, and release hard at impact. I'm certain I have shaft lean, and probably de-loft my irons slightly.I'm ok hitting a low ball. I love to punch it, cut it, bump and run etc. The shots that gets me are approaches to elevated greens. Luckily, I don't have too many where I play.

    I had a feeling the ProV1x had the highest ball flight. I just needed a little confirmation from my TT brethren.

    Stay safe everyone, and keep the ball in the short grass this weekend.
  6. Madhatter

    Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire, Scotland

    At a recent Titleist Thursday fitting I was told that I do not generate a lot of spin therefore I have to hit the ball higher to stop it on the green, the answer....Prov1X or even Velocity....both seem to work for me but I went down the Pro V1X route.

  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The Prov1x is a softer ball and the Velocity is a harder ball....what ball did the fitter recommend to you?
  8. Madhatter

    Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire, Scotland

    Hi Chuck

    I had been using the ProV1 for years, the fitters recomendation was the Pro V 1X but I should also consider the velocity as another option, perhaps as the Trackman was showing my lack of spin then the Velocity might be a more ecconomical solution.....well you know what us Scots are like with our $$ ....

    I also changed my shaft to a "A" flex at the same time so I believe that helped get the ball airborne as well.

  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I like the best bang for my buck as well. The one thing I like about Titleist, they do give us a choice of golf balls. At the ripe young age of 73 I play the Prov1 and love the FEEL and consistent performance off of every club. Off the tee I can get some height with my driver. Never moved to the new TS series, because just could not improve on the distance and I always use the same Titleist Product Specialist/Fitter. I am still playing the 917D3 with a 11.25* Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 74 shaft. I love those Speed shafts and they are on my 3 fairway and both hybrids. My driver set up gives the desired height, 132 mph ball speed, 93 mph club head speed, 2200 ball spin off the club head. Normal carry is around 225 yards. Have tried the AVX and they are about the same on a consistent basis. Tried the Velocity once but just did not like the feel coming off the head. We can control the height off the tee and and the fairway and a lot of practice hitting those shots. When I practice with my driver or any club, I like to hit up, down, left right, and straight, not just see how far I can pound it.
  10. My game lacks height, spin and stopping power with the irons. So after trying all sorts of balls over the years, I am a firm believer that Pro V1x has the highest flight of any ball out there and if it's not the highest spin ball on the market it's pretty close. I've used Pro V1x since the 2013 version and it has always flown higher than Pro V1 and AVX.

    I do agree with the suggestion that the most recent version of Velocity, although completely lacking in spin, flies higher than most balls.

    Regarding the ordering of AVX, Pro V1 and Pro V1x in terms of ball flight, one of the well-known YouTube "reviewers" went out and hit all three on the golf course with a radar shot tracker. To his apparent amazement, the Pro V1x was indeed the highest, AVX the lowest and Pro V1 right in between (he was hitting driver shots). He said, "Basically these balls do just what it says on the tin!".
  11. Just a curiosity question. Does anyone know where the Tour Soft and TruFeel fit into this ranking? As someone who likes a softer ball I would like an idea since it seems that the Velocity flies high.
  12. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My basic impression is the Tour Soft launches higher than the AVX, but comes up a little short on distance compared to the V/AVX balls. Without a launch monitor, it may be that it has a higher angle of descent. I can only guess that the TruFeel is the highest launching No experience with Velocity. All 4 of these should be softer than Velocity.
  13. I tried a sleeve of Tour Soft when they first came out and thought they were pretty low flying. Maybe a tiny bit higher than AVX but nothing like a Pro V1x or even Pro V1. I also thought on iron shots it came in way too hot and tended to run off the back of the green with even well struck 6-iron or 7-iron. AVX is a pretty low iron-spin ball but to me Tour Soft seemed even lower.

    If the TruFeel is like previous generations of that model (DT Solo, etc.) then it probably flies pretty high. I think the two best value propositions in Titleist's lineup are always that cheapest two-piece ball (currently called TruFeel) and the Pro V1x. One has good performance for the price and the other has great performance par excellence.

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