Pro V1x Left Dash Players: We Want Your Feedback!

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By Mike D., Titleist Staff

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  1. Calling all Pro V1x Left Dash players... we want to hear from you!

    Have you recently made the switch to this ball? Have you been playing it for a while now? What do you love about the Pro V1x Left Dash? What ball were you playing before?

    Share your feedback and story by adding a comment/reply to this thread. We can't wait to hear what you all have to say!

    In the meantime, I'll go first!

    I made the switch to Pro V1x Left Dash at the end of last year and haven't looked back. I was playing the Pro V1 most recently but had been a long time Pro V1x player, so it was a relatively smooth transition back to me. I really love the flight of this ball and have also enjoyed the control I'm seeing throughout the bag. I think this will be my go-to ball for a while.

  2. I made the switch to the -ProV1x. Previously I was playing the standard ProV1. I loved the ball. It did everything that I wanted in a ball. But as a player that has a lot of spin, in most cases it was hurting me. At first I just picked up a sleeve to practice putting with to get a feel for it. I was switching from the ProV1, 2020 AVX and -ProV1x. The AVX was soft, almost too soft. I didn't notice that much of a difference between the other two.

    First round with the -ProV1x, the ball seemed to jump off of each club. Distance wise, I know it's longer. I've hit some drives in places that I've never been before with the ProV1. I've hit iron shots that just seem to stay in the air forever. I can still stop the ball and in some cases spin it back with full shots. I don't think the ball flies that much higher than the ProV1.

    So far I'm finding the ball extremely durable as well. I put over 30 holes on one ball and just finished up another 18 with the same ball.

    I hope that you keep the ball available for the general public for awhile.
  3. Mike W

    Mike W
    South Riding, VA

    I made the switch from the AVX to the Pro V1x Left Dash. For me the flight/spin characteristics are similar but I needed a firmer feeling ball. I also feel like I have more control of the ball, it just doesn't jump off the face with the Oh crap where's that going reaction that the AVX did. No loss in distance, green side control or feeling off the putter.
  4. Elson C

    Elson C

    I have not yet tried it, but I am intrigued on how it would perform with my swing.
    I am bookmarking this thread so I can keep reading into it.
  5. It is fine!!!
  6. William Glancy

    William Glancy

    i just started using the left dash this year. i have previously played pro v1, and avx though i preferred the pro v1x

    i've also played srxn z star, bridgestone tour b xs, but to me the left dash is the best of them so far.

    i'm not a super low handicap but i generate quite a bit of speed and spin with my irons, my driver tends to come off with a very low boring ball flight and this is why the left dash was of interest to me. wanted a bit more height from the driver without excessive iron spin.

    i can't go into gory details as i don't believe my game is consistent enough to criticize a ball for my failings, however i do find that the left dash has the best driver flight for me (higher than the AVX and pro V1, but lower than the V1x), and has the most manageable tendencies with my irons. i'm not juicing wedges off the front of the green but i'm still one hop and stopping. even with long irons like 5 and 6 irons my ball is near the ball mark.

    i'm super happy with the flight, super happy with the feel, it's still nice off the putter although a touch harder than the v1 and avx (is this bad? maybe not)

    but to be honest what i'm most impressed with is the durability of the jacket. these balls last forever. they don't collect dirt like some others do (cough TM cough), and even after a round are totally good to go.

    i fully intend to keep the left dash as my ball of choice for the year, and hopefully titleist keeps them readily available. i'll probably go buy a couple dozen more just to be sure i don't run out any time soon.

    great stuff titleist. for me specifically this ball is a superb fit.
  7. ADeLucia

    Clayton NC

    I have always been an X guy but have noticed recently that the ball was really ballooning off the tee especially into a headwind. The left dash has seemed to keep the spin down off the tee while still giving me my desired ball flight. I like the feel of the ball and I still have all of the control I'm used to.
  8. Left dash was put into play. I will not go back to any other ProV1 while this ball is available. I am longer and straighter off the tee. My approach shots don’t spin too much. Feel around the greens is still fine. My handicap has gone down to 1.9 (From 3.4) since switching. More fairways and closer proximity to the hole EQUALS lower scores.

    Please keep making this ball!!!!!
  9. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Mike, is selection to test Titleist golf balls random? I know Titleist sends out balls for amateurs to test and reply back with feedback.Is it totally random, or is there anything I can do to be considered?
  10. Kelch


    The -ProV1X is by far my favorite golf ball in the Titleist lineup! I made the switch as soon as the ball became available late last year. When I first picked them up I compared acoustics off the putter face and while juggling on a wedge between the Left Dash, 1, and X. To me, I could clearly hear a higher pitch (firmer) from the Left Dash than the ProV1 (my preferred ball before Left Dash). That was the confirmation that the Left Dash is higher compression. On the course, I love the mid flight I get out of Left Dash. Falls pretty well in between the 1 and X. But WOW does this ball go forever! It really jumps off the face! Hoping Titleist lets Left Dash stick around for a long while! It’s perfect for my game.
  11. June 10, 2020 had a hole in one at Pennsauken CC in NJ using a Titleist PROV1 ball. It will be the only ball I’ll play from now on.
    Post Image
  12. Titleist balls definitely go farther than the bargain brand I was using.
  13. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi Mike,
    This is BirdieBarty (Tour Caddie) reporting from the Netherlands (Europe).

    Starting off, I'm amazed how many replies you got on this threat while the ball is not even in retail stores (at least outside US).
    To start off, let me summarize in short details as I been following this prototype since last October 2019.
    So from what I have seen (from the handful of tournament we played outside COVID-19). I spotted the balls in the tour trucks, however from what I have seen the players still playing the regular balls.

    Now in Europe I'm very active on social media & the forums. But to be honest the left dash is not out here yet.
    I got lucky enough through a contact to get my hands on one white box (with a red label) named -Pro V1x

    First thing I did, first ball got out of the sleeves went straight into the garage and I cutted into two peaces. To check the difference. (I have done this from all back in the day from Tour Balata, to the Pro V1 392 series to, proto2019, EXP01, to all this model of today.

    So now back to the test. On the launch monitor (trackman) I get interesting results.
    Compared to the regular Pro V1x the launch of the left dash is almost the same height. Now I'm not a good golfer (HCP +2), been caddie for 18 years so I know only a little about golf.
    But what interested me was the spin rate. With the same height results on both balls I got less spin rate on the left dash. To me.. I point this is out to the large dimple structure on the left dash. Is this correct ?

    Further more, the red color used for the numbers also the lettertype. Are they similar to the current pro v1x? I think they left dash is a bit more red winy color. Is this correct ? (it could be the light as well)

    Now most players on tour pick the ball on feel, control, distance & spin. The Pro V1x have been chosen by the most of its spin. Now with the left dash, lowering the number of the spin. I think this is ment to be for those players who have allready a higher ball flight and need less spin on the ball. I also am very positive that this type of ball should be out on the PGA European Tour. Because I think this ball will be great on links courses. As it generates less spin, so it will clime slower into the wind. Which tour pro's prefer when hitting low stinger shots.

    I must admit, an average mid-hcpér will never feel the difference between the left dash and the regualr retail versions. For me, the feel is a lot harder on the ball than the regular pro v1x. Is this correct?
    The sounds and how it comes off the face is a lot harder and fasther.
    Especially when I'm hitting my 2 iron (U-500) I get almost the same height, but lower spin a a much former feel.

    Wedgeplay wise, I don't like it at all. On tour we call this honey drops / stick on it shots. Like when you hit it, as soon as it touches green it sits like a dead whale. What I like to see is backspin. In the back old days you were able to hit 10 meter back spin, over the years the spin reduced. Also the courses getting longer and the need for drop stop effect on longer irons was required. So I get where this comes from.

    It ships in the US with digits 1,2,3&4. I was hoping to see double digits. Now only a handfew got very lucky in the US trying this out since on tour 2018. Glad to see it in stores but why not in Europe?

    Now I'm not trying to praise myself, but there are a lot of great influencers / Team Titleist members in Europe who can benefit and be a great asset for you guys. My tip: Please give the other golfers in Europe also the oppertunaty to try them out. Let them feel like a tour pro one day.

    For me, this ball is great, it does what it's designed to do. Also the cover holds a bit longer than the retail Pro V1x. But again not enough for me to move to the left dash. I am sticking with the retail version.

    Best of luck.


    Bart van der Does
  14. Been using the left dash since it became available. Needed a ball with less spin off the driver and this ball really works for me. Have not had any issue getting the ball to stop on the green ( full or chip shots). I really hope it stays available ( played the x prior). Even had some of my friends give it a try and they loved it as well.
  15. Scott D

    Scott D

    Bart I think you are a little modest. To me a plus 2 handicap is a good golfer, congrats on having a very nice cap. Thank you for the excellent outline of what you have found with the left dash Prov V1x. I found it very interesting. I myself have switched from the x to the straight Prov V1.
  16. I like the slightly louder/firmer sound and feel of the Left Dash for putting, chipping and shots around the green.

    On full shots with driver and long/mid irons it plays exactly like the regular Pro V1x I've used since 2013. Same great height, spin and distance.

    Now that I've played 20-something rounds with the Left Dash I'm really liking the way it behaves on wedge shots. I'm not a good enough player and don't play enough different shots to exactly explain why I like it better than the regular Pro V1x but it just seems to go a little farther if I choose to take a full swing and dials back a few yards more easily when I open my stance and clubface to hitting a spinning partial shot.

    Never thought I'd see something easier to control with a wedge than a Pro V1x but I do believe the Left Dash is just that.
  17. Tim H

    Tim H
    St Louis, MO

    Played my 1st round with the left dash today. Incredible golf ball. Did everything I asked. Thought the ProV1x was the bomb until the left dash came along.
  18. All,

    I have been playing the Left Dash since made available and have not looked back.

    Feedback- No Trackman Data just playing

    Driver - seems to carry close to same as regular X but seems get a few extra yards with less spin
    Irons - very consistent ball flight (especially in wind) and seems to have the best angle of decent into greens
    Wedges- tend to have less spin on longer shots than regular X (which I prefer)

    Bottom Line- Best Titleist ball I have played since the Original ProV. Do not stop making it available and if you decide to stop manufacturing I will order as many as I get my hands on now!
  19. Question for staffer...ordered loyalty balls (left dash) from my club. They showed up today in regular ProV1x w alignment aid boxes. New left dash w/o new box or just mix up? Ball is correct, packaging was not.
  20. JScott77 said:

    Question for staffer...ordered loyalty balls (left dash) from my club. They showed up today in regular ProV1x w alignment aid boxes. New left dash w/o new box or just mix up? Ball is correct, packaging was not.

    When my loyalty program order of Pro V1x Left Dash arrived from Titleist last week it was in the same Left Dash silver boxes as always.
  21. if I had some I would let you know.
  22. Bill F

    Bill F
    Asheville, NC

    Played the left dash today for the first time. I’ve been playing the Pro V1 for a while but was intrigued by the reviews of the left dash. I must say that I love the crisp feel of the left dash coming off the club. For me, the spin was close to the V1 but the distance was slightly better. I let a couple of buddies hit it a few times. Both loved the feel and one said that he definitely felt that it was longer. I got home and immediately ordered 2 dozen.
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