Acushnet K Golf Balls

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By Spencer S

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  1. I have a complete box of Acushnet K golf balls numbers 1-4 that have never been played. They have a Mutual of Omaha United of Omaha branding on them. Any idea how old theses are?

    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi Spencer S,
    This is "BirdieBarty", Tour Caddie
    Thanks for sharing this lovely picture of these vintage golf balls.

    These Titleist "Acushnet" balls are from the 1960 & 70's.
    The Mutual of Omaha United of Omaha sign on it refers to me that this is a customized golf ball.
    Funny to see that in the 60s & 70s they seems to be having already customized golf balls.

    Keep them in your collection, It's a great memory from the past and brings some history of the game of golf. (Titleist related).

    Happy Swings,

  3. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Whenever I see Mutual of Omaha all I think of is Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins. "I'll send Jim in to have a closer look"...

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