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  1. Does anyone have the plug on a good deal for Titleist balls? I’ve consistently heard nothing but good things from experienced players in relation to all brands of Titleist balls. Currently, when the supply is running low, I am buying bags of 50 used swoosh balls on Amazon for $30. I feel like that’s not a bad deal, but like I said, very interested in making the full time transition to Titleist balls.. Additionally, your opinion (if any) on swoosh Balls in relation to Titleist balls would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and happy golfing!

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    First, swoosh is out of the golf ball business and has been for a while now so anything you get with that swoosh has some serious shelf life. Second, since this is the Titleist Forum which is a site where Titleist users and loyalist come together, you should expect that our bias would be towards all things Titleist. As for bargains with Titleist balls, one great thing that Titleist does is controls its pricing. All stores must sell at the same retail price based on the set price of each particular style ball. You can get prior generation balls for cheaper until they are all sold out. Anything else you find from a second hand distributor are likely refurbished and probably not up to normal quality standards. I suggest you pick whichever new Titleist ball fits your price range. If you go through a bag of 50 balls within a year, you probably will want to start with the lower priced options in the Titleist line up.

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