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By Alex

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  1. I was quite surprised by the new velocity ball. I bought myself a dozen Matt green ones.

    The ball looks great at address. It has a strange glow to it really easy to spot on the fairway and first cut.

    Off the putter face it was a little springy but you soon adjust. Awesome distance from the tee. I got great high from my approach shots. Not many drop and stop shots but they didn't run on massively when struck well.

    I like roll out with my wedges so these balls were a great fit for me.

    The purist among us will not be happy with the colour but as coloured balls go these are great.

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  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Besides the mad scientist Bryson spraying balls with water to see the effect of a wet ball with his Trackman, MySpy Golf apparently has information that mat finished balls don't shed water as well, and can lose distance. Since many of my rounds are "dew-sweepers" I'll be avoiding this finish.

    Choice is what distinguishes us from totalitarian regimes. I prefer optic yellow to follow, especially on cloudy days in order for me to see the ball against the sky. So I'm in the same category of liking a ball not white. The purists can keep white - just can't figure out why they would complain about choices they don't need to make.

    Glad you made a decision you like. ...Just not sure why mat green.... ;-)
  3. I've always been a fan of the previous velocity ball and thought I'd just try a different colour. Green was my favourite of the choices. Never really thought about the cover not being as good as a standard finish.
  4. I just can’t get pass having that white ball on the tee
  5. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    The matte green is much easier to see than you might think. It does have a "glow" look especially in the early evening. I imagine the same effect happens in the AM but I'm not a morning person...
  6. I’ve been playing the ProV1 since I got my T300 irons. I grabbed a box of the new Velocity in orange on a whim. Played a round today in the heat. My experience was similar to Alex. Good distance off the tee and I did notice significantly more rollout on the greens. I’m not a strong back spinner to begin with but the wedges produced more rollout than the ProV1. Softer feel and yes a little more pop off the putter face. I’m going to stick with them until I play the box out before I decide to make a permanent switch. The cost is obviously more user friendly.

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