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By Griff L

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  1. Griff L

    Griff L
    Albuquerque, NM

    Just a thought, if the AXV is really a “premium” ball, why not name it like one. I think if you changed the name to ProV1z, a, or s you would sell at least twice as many. Call it the ProV1 for seniors or slightly slower swing speeds, with all the premium flight, carry, spin and other performance characteristics of the other ProV1 balls? Just sayin’......

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Rumor has it, it is not A V or an X, so AVX is the acronym. Still uses a premium urethane cover and manufactured at Ball Plant #2. I would have gone with Pro-V1s but Titleist didn't put it out for a vote on TT. Pro-V is such a franchise that diluting the name may have hurt the V/X lines. Without the Pro-V name, it might sell better w/o hurting the franchise at 5-10% less to compete with the other urethane balls in the pro shop also not named Pro-V.
  3. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    It is my understanding that AVX came from "Alternative to the V1 and V1X"
  4. HackOne

    Graham, NC

    AVX: I like the AVX and the way it feels around the greens. I don't hit to many greens in regulation so I count on my short game and the feel I get from AVX. It plays to my style of game. I feel confident on every putt...its going in. It comes off my putter so true. I was NOT part of the test team, so I bought a doz. Money well spent.
  5. SBarton


    I like the name and it’s such a great ball from driver to putter it feels and reacts superb..
  6. Im not sure about the naming but I LOVE the AVX. I’m an 11 index, but that just happened in the last 2-3 years. I’ve dropped 10 strokes off my handicap and it was time to seriously consider what ball to play. I find the AVX to be perfect for me.
  7. COBrien


    Tried out the AVX last weekend and really liked how it played off the tee. Really good feel with my wedges and irons too. Bought another sleeve after my round.
  8. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I know this thread is about the AVX name, so I will contribute my two cents and say I always thought it meant "Alternate to V and X."

    As far as the ball performance itself, I think each of us have different swings and needs for our game. The AVX is a great performer for some and not as much for others. Personally, I have been playing AVX since before they were officially launched nationwide. I played mostly Pro V1 (and sometimes 1X) before them. I am a senior golfer with a 93-95 mph driver SS and a mid-single digit index. There is something about this ball that just works for me.

    I have a pocket in my bag for AVX balls, and use a separate pocket for Pro V1 and 1X. Some days I'll pull a Pro V, 1 or X to see what the day brings. Most days, I play AVX.

    HOWEVER, on days where the weather is actually perfect, I find I like the Pro V1x nearly just as much, with the Pro V1 a close second. In cooler temps or breezy conditions, the AVX wins, hands down.

    When the greens are receptive, all three perform great for me and MY game. The Pro V1, 1X and AVX, are excellent for controlling chips, chipitches and pitch shots from off the short grass. I am able to plan those shots so they land closer to the pin, but check up quickly. I find it takes a lot of guesswork out of how far to carry it, knowing that if you hit it cleanly, it will check and keep you close to the hole.

    I would say my longest drives always seem to be when using an AVX or a Pro V1x, yet AVX seems a couple/few yards longer with full, well struck iron shots. (Nothing feels good if you don't strike them well, am I right?)

    For some reason, the perception out there is that AVX is not on the same level as a Pro V1/x, but I really think, for some of us, it is the perfect ball. I play a lot of golf (nearly every day of the year, except in snow), so I have ample opportunity to truly compare the Titleist Tour-level, urethane-covered trio. Most of the time, the AVX feels like the best ball for me. And I now have the confidence when I stand over one at address, that it will perform as I expect, so long as I put a good swing on it and strike it well. No ball will perform on a bad swing or poor strike!

    Anyway, I've said it here before and I'll say it again. AVX is a great ball overall and will work best for some and not for others. If you haven't played them yet, pick up a sleeve or box of the newly-released version (which I really like) and test them out for a few rounds. Give them an honest chance. You may be surprised and kick yourself for not trying them sooner. And if that's not the case and you don't see what some of us AVX players see, the Pro V1 and Pro V 1x will still be there for you as the most and best played ball on Tour. It's a win, win, either way.
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    For a player who spins the ball a lot and has issues with keeping their premium balls on the greens, the AVX is the answer. My boss, who is a scratch golfer, who takes divots that I can plant a garden in (long and shallow), really likes the AVX because he has much better spin control. He still has the control and distance has never been an issue.
  10. I have been playing the AVX for a couple of months, excellent ball and very long for me. I always seemed to spin the ProV1 too much, but the AVX just hits and stops. I love feel and I am about 1/2 club longer.
  11. JAM


    I had been playing the original generation AVX and loved it. When it was time to restock I decided to go back to the Pro V1 and purchased a dozen. It is a great ball, however, I will be going to the new AVX the next time I restock. I believe, like others have stated, its the right ball for me.

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