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By David C

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  1. David C

    David C
    Newton, IL

    Name change. Just a suggestion, I have a handicap index of 8.2 and have played Titleist ProV’s for years, but now that I’m in my 60’s my swing speed is a bit slower than it used to be. In the spring of this year I bought a sleeve of Tour Speed golf balls and immediately I was impressed by the distance and penetrating ball flight off the tee. Iron shots into the green were high and landed softly. I played the Tour Speed ball all season (along with some left over ProV’s). Now to my suggestion, the name is a little wordy. I think it would be more fitting if Titleist were to name it “GTX” if it were possible. For me it’s right there with the other Titleist premium balls and it would be easier to market to players with medium swing speeds as an alternative to the AVX. GTX says speed and just sounds fast. Just a thought. It’s another great ball from Titleist.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Tour Speed and Tour Soft were formally NXT's. Even though you love them, they should not be confused with the premium line. The materials and manufacturing processes are not the same. They are great mid-priced balls and definitely perform excellently for that demographic. I am sure a lot of research went into the change of name from NXT. Glad to hear they are working well for you. Confidence in your golf ball is extremely important.

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