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By EOmer

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  1. I have had some trouble recently with getting more spin on the golf ball and I was wondering if I could get some help. I can get a little bit of spin but I would like to get more and I was wondering If I could get some help. Thanks

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Probably not from us, sorry. We have no way of seeing your swing to know what might be your issue. Only a good professional working with you in person will be able to get you where you need to be. Sometimes it's not even your swing. It could be course conditions too. Best of luck getting where you want to be with your shots.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Agree with Dale. Could be technique, equipment, ball. See a PGA teaching professional.
  4. Mike M

    Mike M
    Marblehead MA

    Dale's right; too many variables to venture a guess on this one.
  5. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Lots of good information and videos out there to help you. A good instructor can steer you in the right direction.
    For me the quick fix was to mark my ball with the word SPIN on it. Didn't help my game but at least I got more SPIN on the ball.
  6. Good comments already but finding what you want will be hard so consult a professional

    You can read many books and watch numerous videos but none may work

    One thing I would say though is maybe get someone to take some videos of your swing in action as it may give you an insight to your issues
  7. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Technique is key on adding/subtracting spin based on the shot needed. It takes some serious short game lessons to develop.

    The other factors are wedges with “fresh groves” and a tour level urethane covered ball for maximum spin. A 2 piece ionomer ball will never spin like a Pro-V. Granted it helps that they don’t pay for clubs, but the pros change their wedges every couple of months to maintain peak performance.

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