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By Joseph R

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  1. I just tried the AVX for the first time last weekend and WOW!!! I played the TP5 for the longest time but felt like I was losing distance. AVX got my normal distances back (maybe a little longer) and felt great off the tee and around the green. Has anyone compared the AVX to the Pro V1x out on the course? How do they compare?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    If you read info under the "Balls" tab at the top of the page you will get an idea of the ball comparison spectrum. The ProV1x being the firmest, highest spin and flight all the way down to the AVX being the softest, lowest spinning, lowest flight ball. ProV1x Left Dash, ProV1, ProV1 Left Dot, all fitting in between. You do not really compare them with each other as much as you compare them to how you hit the ball, what you want in ball performance, and how they work for you individually. Do the on-line ball fitting and try some out yourself and go with what works for you. Sounds like you may already have found it in the AVX.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The AVX is a great premium golf ball in the lineup. It is the (A)lternative to the Pro(V) and Prov1(X). Think they would be very similar. Both have 348 dimple pattern, but the AVX most likely spins less on the greens.

    According to Titleist in side by side testing:

    The Prov1x is best for players that prioritize performance, and need or want higher flight and spin.

    The AVX is best for players who prioritize long iron distance through low spin and soft feel, but want the control of a 3-piece urethane golf ball around the green.

  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    By comparison, the AVX is a softer feel, lower compression, and overall lower spin. It may increase some distance with irons but may not check up as well around the green.
    That said, for some player it will work better for them. I did a ball fitting in July on a range. Without my knowledge of which ball I was using with a 7 iron, he was amazed I consistently could not launch either the AVX or the Left Dash X. No problem with the X. Since I already use the X, …no free balls to try. :-(.

    …Your results may vary…
  5. I may try a fitting. It seemed to check pretty good for me on the greens too. Still only one round in with them but playing again Monday so I'll give them another go.
  6. RPrater

    Richmond Hill, GA

    Love the feel of the AVX, but I need Pro V1 spin.
  7. For me, AVX is much straighter, softer feeling and slightly longer than the X but spins just a little less on the green. I transitioned into the Left Dash this year - which has near identical performance to AVX but for me is better because I like the firmer feel. I go back to the AVX on cold days (not many so far!) or if I want a slightly lower flight... I think you can't go wrong with the it, especially if you like the softer feel.
  8. I definitely prefer the softer feel. It's so much smoother for me.
  9. Justin P

    Justin P
    Albany, NY

    Just last weekend I was given a sleeve of AVX to try out from a friend of mine, as we were discussing the recent robot ball test results by MGS that has been making the rounds on social media. I've always played the ProV1, but gotta say I was surprised by the distance and accuracy of the AVX off the tee as well as the feel around the greens.

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