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By Scott

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  1. Scott


    First post, apologies if this has been discussed to death or if this post is in the wrong location. I bought a new beautiful cart 15 bag from my local golf shop and I noticed the rain hood has already lost one of the snap-buttons that secures it to the bag. I've had the bag for a few months now and I understand wear and tear happens but that was rather quick considering I've only played with it once. Long story short, im curious if titleist sells a replacement hood for these bags? A quick Google search only produced results about the towel/hood.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Hey Scott. Welcome and yes, this is the probably the right spot for your question. While Titleist does not sell replacement parts, they do have a great warranty program. Take the bag and cover back to the retailer and they will ship it to Titleist for a replacement or maybe even offer you an instant trade, depends of the store. Warranty is normal wear for a year and sometimes they will honor a slightly longer timeframe if the problem is severe.
  3. Scott


    Follow up: heard back from titleist csr and they do not stock replacement parts so the hood apparently cannot be purchased. Hopes this helps someone searching in the future.
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  4. Same thing happened to my stadry cart bag, with 2 of the snap fasteners breaking inside a year when the hood isn't used very often at all... Very poor quality for a bag that's so expensive!!!
  5. Very discouraging to spend this kind of money on a bag and have no option to fix. Will be looking elsewhere for my next bag purchase.
  6. Michael S

    Michael S
    Apple Valley, Ca.

    I do have the towel/hood. For my bag much better and easier to use than the rain hood plus you can wipe your club off before placing back in the bag.
  7. Titleist only sells the drihood rain covers, but there are other things. There are other rain hoods that are not Titleist but do work on Titleist.
  8. Scott


    Thank you to those who have replied to the thread. I did a little bit of research and found replacement snaps that fit the bag and look identical. I was able to get a pack of 25 snaps from Amazon for about $6 and just replaced it myself. For those who may search this in the future, the replacement snap size is 15mm.

    Thanks again, Derek, Mike and Garrett!

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