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By Francois P

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  1. Good day i have recently acquired an 2017 midsize staff bag, i was wondering what all the pockets where for thanks in advance

  2. Rick P

    Rick P
    Pulaski, VA

    Those pockets are for all your Titleist gear. Balls gloves personal items rain gear…. Be sure not to put too much. The bag is heavy to start with.
  3. MRoseski

    Palm Harbor, FL

    You will find, over time what bag setup works best for you. When I use my staff bag, I tend to set the pockets up as the have the handle in on the cart and name facing out. So, the large back pocket is easily accessible.

  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    When I use my midsize bag, I put my tees, rules book, ball markers, extra FJ gloves, FJ rain gear, extra sleeves of Titleist balls, extra FJ layers if it is a chilly day when I take them off. *** Remembering not to overpack the bag, because there are enough pockets that everything fits in it fine. I am sure you will find out how to pack your necessary items. I seem to have a bag for every occasion and my midsize is for special events. Has my name and TT logo on it.

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