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By Derekb

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  1. I was lucky when I played in the UK that I played with some of the finest strikers of the golf ball of there generation and went on to win major championships etc so I got a lot of good tips

    So my question is what is the worst tip anyone has given you

    Mine must be .... try to control your breathing during the swing to which I said to this guy I breathe normally

  2. SJW PM

    SJW PM

    When I was a kid my Dad and I went to a place to take a lesson and they had computer equipment to assist with your swing path, speed, etc (before all the new devices we have today). I have a rather slow back swing and the system could not read my swing. The teacher kept telling me to speed up my back swing which clearly was not my normal swing. Never went back there again!
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Not one that goes much for golf tips. Go to see my pros for help to cure my problems. Never listen to anyone in my group. So cannot recall any bad tips because like water on a ducks back let it slide off and do not pay attention to them.
  4. EddietheKarp


    During my years as a professional, I over heard an unbelievable amount of bad advice, which sometimes bordered on the criminal. Worst of the bunch would have to be “don’t let your head move”, “try not to swing so hard”, and “turn your hands and your body at the same time” or any variation on those ideas.
  5. DK

    Eastern Pennsylvania

    Worst tip ever...Don't drink beer while playing golf.
  6. JYoung


    A bad tip for me would be to drink while I'm playing. I get worse the more I drink but I have buddies that need a few before they can play.
  7. JoeyD


    I love seeing dads out on the range with their kids but it's criminal some of the things they try to teach their kids. I remember hearing one dad tell his daughter, " you have to hit the ground before you hit the ball!" I was like... WOW!!! This kid is going to need some help...maybe therapy...to recover from that instruction!
  8. Worst tip I ever got was to swing slower. The issue isn’t swinging fast, it was just I was doing it at the wrong time, a bit too fast on the backswing and using all my strength in the transition instead of through the ball.
  9. dennis n

    dennis n
    San Diego, CA

    Used to be the best first tee needle of all time. "Do you inhale or exhale at the top of your swing?" Not so much anymore.
  10. Swing hard to hit it further..the harder you swing the further it goes.

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