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By Patrick S

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  1. I am a young golfer (13 y/o) and wanted to know how to truly perfect my swing to upgrade my level of golf.

  2. EddietheKarp


    Well, Patrick, there's a lot to unpack on the subject. First and foremost, I would suggest that we restrict the parameters to how to perfect YOUR swing, not chase a mythical vision of what "THE" perfect swing should be. Jim Furyk's swing, for the obvious example, is HIS perfect swing, no matter how it compares to Rors visually (he is Mr. 58, after all).

    Step 1 would be to work with a very competent Professional to ensure your fundamentals (setup, kinematic sequence, etc.) are where they should be. Make any needed adjustments and focus on what happens in the strike zone (about 1 foot before impact through 1 foot post impact), if that's good, then the ball is generally going to go where you want it regardless of what else happened.

    Step 2 is get to a good club fitter. You'll want to ensure your equipment is working to enhance your performance on the course and not causing you to make compensations to make something work that isn't right for you.

    After that, as Ben hogan said, the answer is in the dirt. Outwork everyone else until the game becomes point and shoot. Great tools for this endeavor can be any combination of the list below.

    a. Any skills competition with a comparable, or preferably, more skilled opponent.

    b. Combine tests on a launch monitor provided you have access to one at a facility. These used to be uncommon, but have become far more available to the average golfer.

    c. Practicing hitting golf shots on the range, not just whacking balls into the green oblivion. Every shot should begin with your pre-shot routine with a specific target, shape, and trajectory in your mind before hitting.

    While doing all this, also seek out the advice and experiences of those around you who have achieved success at an elite amateur or professional level. Their experiences can help you learn the nuances of the game in ways you may not otherwise be exposed to.

    These are just my opinion on basic stepping stones, and by no means a defined blueprint for success. You may find that some things are more effective for you than others, so don't be afraid to adapt and work on your weaknesses as well as strengths. Once you reach the point and shoot level, it becomes much more about putting yourself in competitive situations. Play against the best you can, as often as you can.

    I wish you nothing but the beast in your quest and hope you find enjoyment in the game for a lifetime!

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