Second Hole in One

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By Mark Shoo

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  1. I was in FL the last week of January 2021 for a guys week of golf. We were play at Walt Disney World Lake Buena Vista Course. I was not striking my irons well that morning and decided to take an extra club on this short hole. I went into my bag and pulled out a new sleeve of Titleist PV1x yellow balls. I said outload to the group "maybe I'll have better luck with a yellow ball. I swung easy and the ball was fading and it appeared to hit on the collar of the green. It kicked left towards the pin. My buddies started yelling its heading to the pin! We saw it hit the pin, it was spinning and fell in. What really made it cool was there were condos overlooking the green and there were some folks there watching groups come through, they started cheering! It was the highlight of my trip.

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