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By Michael M

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  1. It was June 14th of this year and a beautiful day at Trump National in Pine Hills, New Jersey where we were playing in a tournament. The people who worked at the club were terrific and the players were too. I wasn't playing particularly well that day and felt very discouraged because I know I"m a better (a lot better) player than the score I posted. But that's golf, right! So I stepped up to the par 3, 5th hole with nothing but negativity running through my veins (which every golfer knows is a recipe for disaster) and look at the 141 yards to the hole which is mostly over water. I thought make it over and if you go long, it's no problem because the green is sizable. So I have my 7 iron - I know what you're saying right now "a 7 iron from only 141 yards!!!!" But I was in such a negative place and wanted to make sure I made it over the water; that's how bad the day was going. I took a very easy swing and the ball was tracking as soon as it left my club and it bounced one foot in front of the green onto the green then bounced again and rolled about 4 feet into the cup. I dropped my club and couldn't utter a word and all I heard were the three guys behind me saying "You made a Hole-in-One, you just made a Hole-in-One"!!!! And still I could say nothing. I stood there as if I was glued to the ground and mute. The guys came over to me and shook my hand and hugs all round. So I'll say to Brandon, Sam and Lenny- thanks for sharing in that memorable moment in time! Moments like that do not come along often and so I'll never forget it, you guys were terrific. BTW: I redeemed my self today by shooting an 83!!! So thats my story

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