Titleist 2015 White Box (Test Balls)

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By Leonard L

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  1. Leonard L

    Leonard L

    Hi Team Titleist,

    Just had the chance to test out the white box of Pro V1 and V1X test balls on the course, and I thought I will write a little review here :)

    Played NSRCC's Kranji course, and tested both balls on the 17th hole (Par 3 measuring about 158m from the white tees). It was a blue flag with the pin set far back on the green, and so I went down one club to the 7-iron and my game plan was to carry it to the back and hopefully see it land softly.

    My first shot with the Pro V1 was a bit thin and bladey and so the ball came out hot. It landed in the middle of the green, but showed a bit of bite on the second or third bounce to stop on the green just before the back apron. I'm quite sure though, that had I used a firmer ball like the DT Solo, it would have just bounced and rolled off the green without the bite the Pro V1s showed. Gave it another shot to try to get a decent strike on it, and I did get it on the sweet spot of the club. But it drew/hooked into the watery hazard on the left and I lost one of the 2015 test balls :( nonetheless, the feel was GREAT when I got it on the sweet spot, and it felt as soft if not softer than the previous iteration of the Pro V1s. 

    Second shot with the Pro V1x was as pure a strike as I could have made, and it flew high and landed softly with one bounce just about pin high, 15 feet away. It was hard to tell from the tee box if the ball showed any spin back, but the ball was about 3 feet away from the landing ball mark. The feel was not as soft as I expected, but it certainly performed for me on this hole.

    Moving on to the 18th hole, par 5, I had the chance to try both balls out with my 913 driver. First shot with the Pro V1 seemed to stay in the air a bit longer, and it landed just about past the 2nd bunker on the left, which meant a carry of about 230m. Roll-out wasn't a lot too, as the ball mark was just a couple of feet away. Second shot with the Pro V1x showed a nice flatter trajectory. Now both were decent strikes for me, so it was interesting to see how different the ball moved in the air. The ball landed in around the same area as the Pro V1, but this time I couldn't find the divot mark anywhere near when I found my ball. Carried 230ish but rolled out to around 240m. Based on this hole alone, I would say the Pro V1x is a hot ball indeed for driving. 

    After laying up, I had about 60m to the green, and this gave me a chance to test the performance of both balls when it came to pitching. Just a bit of background information, I used my 60deg cally mack daddy 2 wedge and just played the ball back in my stance and tried hitting down on the ball to get it low and flight it on to the green. Pro V1: ball felt soft at impact and bit on the second bounce. No spin-back, but certainly showed some grip on the second ball. Pro V1x: similar bite on the second bounce. Sound and feel felt a bit firmer, but I could hardly tell the difference in the way the ball reacted on the green. 

    Overall, given a choice, I would be playing the Pro V1s because I just love the softer feel it gives me off the club face, and makes my AP2 feel even softer than it does. But I would say the distance the Pro V1x offers is about 5-10m more than the Pro V1 based on the rollout I experienced that day on the course. 

    Thanks Titleist (Jonathan), for the chance to test these balls out before it was sent out to the shelves :)



  2. Thanks for allowing me to test the new balls. I played well with them...just missed shooting my age...
    I like the feel, distance and sound.

    Thanks again,

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