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By Cavin Poh

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  1. Cavin Poh

    Cavin Poh

    Just curious as of why TT Members in US, Canada and UK get to receive TT bag tags and other items but not in asia?

    Participation in Sweepstakes as well?

  2. Hi titleist sea ,

    I recently shot a hole in one in Malaysia and registered for a hole in one bag tag from titleist. It says registration successful but I have not received the bag tag nor have any status that is arriving . Can anybody shed a light or is it processing ? This is my first time .
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Sorry dkhoo, it clearly states on the website that it only works for shipping to US addresses. International shipping rates and export regulations make it difficult to justify expanding on this anytime soon. If you can find a friend within the USA to get it for you and then forward it to you at their expense, that's likely your only option.

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