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By Nick F

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  1. Nick F

    Nick F
    Black Mountain, NC

    Headed to North Myrtle Beach this summer. What are your must play courses? Last year I played the Love course at Barefoot.

  2. JP110

    Brooklyn Park, MN

    The Legends courses always offer a nice variety of play with nice course conditions. I also love Kings North and Myrtle Beach National. Realistically though, you cant really go wrong with most courses in the area. Have fun!
  3. JP


    I enjoyed the courses at Barefoot but really enjoyed TPC Myrtle Beach. It's further south but I found it worth playing. I did not play True Blue or Caledonia which get good reviews as well.
  4. Robert J

    Robert J
    Grafton, Oh

    I just got back from there, Prestwick is a very good course, as is True Blue and Caledonia
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Too many to mention. Look on this site and I am sure you will be happy. It covers the top courses in the area.
    It has been a very dry spring down this way, which could affect courses conditions this summer, unless we get some much much needed rain. Check to see when they are punching the greens before you come. Understand you are staying in N Myrtle, but might consider venturing down to Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island. Because of being in the golf business I normally play the private courses in the off season. Just too busy in the summer. With respect. Have fun and enjoy all the crab legs you can eat places, because there are many.
  6. Ron T

    Ron T
    Coppell, TX

    Caledonia for the win, all the way! Worth the drive, worth the price! Miss playing there!!!
  7. Guy W

    Guy W
    Statesville, NC

    North end courses are plentiful. I have played Thistle, Glen Dornoch, Tidewater, Oyster Bay and Tigers Eye, which are all very good. Eagle Nest, Long Bay, Myrtlewood and the Sea Trail courses are all pretty good also.
  8. Military
    Oyster Bay is one of my favorite courses !

    Semper Fi
  9. Brandon P

    Brandon P
    North Carolina

    Meadowlands is a great course up there usually at a good rate. Try Crow’s Creek, Long Bay and River’s Edge. Some of my favorites on the north side. Like others have said if you want to drive south Caledonia and True Blue are definitely worth the drive and the cost.
  10. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL

    I highly recommend True Blue and Caledonia. Both courses are worth the effort to play.
  11. Paul T

    Paul T
    alpharetta, GA

    Last year we played
    Barefoot Norman and Love - solid
    Grande Dunes and Grande Dunes Members Club - both great (can book the Members Club thru Brian Noblin)
    Legends Moorland (Pete Dye course) and Heathland - would have preferred to play Moorland 2x...Heathland was overbooked, we gave up after @11 holes. Legends was really crowded in general - but the Dye course was the highlight of the trip for us.
  12. HOUSE

    DuBois, PA

    True blue, Caledonia & Dunes club.
  13. Kings north, Caledonia, grande dunes. 3 of my favorite courses down there.
  14. Pine lakes and check out tidewater.
  15. All the major courses have pretty much been mentioned but I always enjoy playing at Blackmoor. It's right next to TPC Myrtle Beach.
  16. I love the southern courses, like Caledonia, Heritage, Pawley's Plantation. Up north I like Oyster Bay. YMMV as I haven't been there in 10 years or so.
  17. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Pack accordingly. Having a lot of rain this time of the year and August is our rainiest month. Make sure you drink a lot of water, the heat index can hit the triple indexes. Oh, have fun!!!!!! Lots of good seafood after hours. Nothing could finer than to be in South Carolina. =)
  18. My favorites in the northern end of mb are oyster bay and crow creek.
  19. Robert J

    Robert J
    Washington Township, MI

    Be sure to check out Long Bay and Aberdeen if you are staying in the North Myrtle Beach area.
    Located very close to one another, both are great layouts and typically in very good condition.

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