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By Erich F

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  1. Hi TT:

    Going to the OBX in a few weeks and looking to play a few holes. My wife is a beginner so looking for something not too demanding. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.

  2. In Corolla, the Currituck Club is a nice layout, a Rees Jones design, and Nags Head Golf Links is a fun track as well. Heading there in August and staying @ Currituck Club with the family. Enjoy!
  3. Sean S

    Sean S
    Centreville, VA

    I’ve played the Currituck Club in the Outer Banks and had a great time. Nags Head Golf Course is also supposed to be really good. Enjoy, the Outer Banks is a great place to go.
  4. Fred L

    Fred L

    A few years back when there played the Carolina Club. Nice course


  5. Military
    I love Nags Head Golf Links, especially the views of the water, but I can’t say I’d recommend it for someone new to the game. Its location in Nags Head means it is usually a tad busy most of the day. It’s not too long, but it is a tighter course, and the wind plays havoc with even some well-struck shots.

    A few others have mentioned the Carolina Club, which I’ve heard great things about. It’s not on the Outer Banks itself but close to the Wright Memorial Bridge.

    For a newbie, I’ve heard holly Ridge Golf it’s a lot more open and fun. I’ve never played it, so I can’t say firsthand, but it’s very convenient on 168 on the way close to the Carolina Club.

    Have fun and tell the good folks at Lone Cedar Cafe hello!
  6. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    My wife and I have enjoyed The Pointe but we haven't been in a few years...
  7. Thanks everyone,
    I love the help and support from TT, the best golf community around!
  8. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I'm heading down in mid-July. Not sure where I'll play.We're staying in Salvo, and it looks like there isn't a golf course close.
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Be sure and check the weather forecast closely in advance. June thru November is Hurricane season along the Carolina coast and we are expecting a pretty heavy season this year (according to the forecasters). Of course you just never know, they are so unpredictable, but we know in advance and can get out of town. You DO NOT want to be on the outer banks when one heads up the coast. During this time of the year, we make sure that our tanks never get under half a tank. Do not want to be a party pooper but it is life on the coast for us. Be prepared. If you get there, you will definitely enjoy your visit. Cheers, Chuck.....
  10. Last year I played Kilmarlic. It’s a bit off the island. About an hour or so from where we were in Corolla. It was a good track. Pace of play was very important to them. Our round was just under 4 hours. I would definitely go again.

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