Sawgrass in November

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By Chris L

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  1. I understand they overseed at this time of the year. How does that affect the playing conditions and is it worth spending on the green fee. I will becoming from the uk and so I can’t play it any other time. Many thanks

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    At least you will be past the hurricane season. Weather there can get pretty bad in the late summer through fall with it clearing up by the end of October. Call the course and ask for exact dates for overseed closure.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Agree with Dale. Call the courses you plan on playing. Depending on the types of grasses they use, they may not over seed their greens along the southern coastal areas. The do aerate the greens and can be rather messy from the sand the use to dress the greens for a few days. Might check on that, also. They usually fill in rather well after about a week.
  4. Todd E

    Todd E
    Union, KY

    I'm going to Sawgrass in late June for a work event. We were hoping to play the Stadium course but we were told it will be closed until after The Players Championship in 2024. So best call and make sure they will be open. Not sure if we were given incorrect info or not but I'd hate to see anyone in the group plan a trip around something to find out last minute they need to make other plans.
  5. Thanks for the replies
  6. Joel G

    Joel G
    Jacksonville, Fla

    November will be nice in Jacksonville. I’m not sure about TPC and their maintenance schedule but call them. If you recommendations for food are anything else let me know. Born and raised in Jax.

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