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By Todd E

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  1. Todd E

    Todd E
    Union, KY

    My regular group just returned home from a week long trip to Streamsong in FL. You must do this at least once. We stayed on property at the Lodge. If you don't stay on property you're driving at least 30 minutes each way. It was a little price but the value was indescribable. Once The Chain is completed I'm looking forward to going back. We walked the Black course, a fairly easy walk. However, you better have your putting in shape or at least be comfortable with Bermuda grass. 85 on the Black and I can't even remember the number of 3 & 4 putts I had. It was very visually intimidating. I don't have the best depth perception so it was really hard on me. Blue and Red had more backdrops to help with depth perception but all three courses had significant undulating greens. Oh, and don't let the fact that its resort golf fool you. They don't care and are more than happy to put pins in some very tricky spots so prepare yourself to be fully engaged at all times. You go to sleep, you will pay for it. Leave your ego's at home also, recognize that you're at or just above sea level and understand the effect that has on carry distances. Play from the correct set of tees and you'll have a blast. You try to bite too much off and you may not enjoy the experience. We were fortunate enough to have the same caddie all 3 days we played which was great. He got to know us and we got to know him. If you go, ask for Mikey.

    The service was impeccable. Every day at every course, restaurant, Lodge front desk, valet staff, everyone was there to make sure you have a great experience. On the last day, my wallet and fallen out of my pocket in Pub 59, probably around 3:30-4:00. We had dinner reservations at 9 and it was at the front desk by 8.

    In short, I would highly recommend going. We didn't have a chance to do any fishing or skeet shooting so if that's your thing plan on an extra day or two. I hope that everyone who goes has the same experience as I did.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Bermuda greens can be tough if you are not familiar with them. That is pretty much all we play on below the KY state line. They hold up well to the heat in the south and along the coast. They are fun and putt true.
  3. Sounds like you had some fun
  4. Christopher G

    Christopher G
    Saugus MA

  5. Alex N

    Alex N

    All of us who attended the TTI at Streamsong last year know exactly what you experienced. The staff there was amazing and the lodging was great! It’s such a cool place and I can’t wait to go back once The Chain is completed. Glad to hear you had a great experience but I would expect nothing less than amazing.
  6. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL

    Glad you and your friends had a blast at Streamsong.

    Since you liked Streamsong I highly recommend that your group makes the pilgrimage to Bandon Dunes.

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