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By TDial

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  1. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    I have never been to a Titleist event, but I see that Team Titleist Midwest is coming to my state and I may be available to attend.

    I am looking for information on these events from past experiences, such as; What to expect/feel as an attendee? Things to prepare for to make the most out of the event, or anything I should bring? Do I have to officially register for the event or just show up on the day? Is this a golf outing or more of an experience and learning event?

    I am hoping to know what to expect before making the 4 hour drive and getting a hotel. I would love to see your past experiences/pictures and hear stories or take away’s from your TT Events!

  2. Tyler_S

    Cypress, TX


    I organized the TT Event in Orange County, CA. It's a single day golf event, so bring your clubs. You will have to register with the organizer of the event as there are limited spots in these. It's worth attending these local events, I had a few players from out of state attend.

    Sometimes there will be clubs to demo, typically the newest line (hybrids, woods, wedges).

    It's a fun time and you should try to make the drive. You will meet likeminded Team Titleist members that enjoy golf and be a part of the community.

  3. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Thank you Mr. Tyler! Definitely sounds like the opportunity I need, to pick the mind's of developed golfers to improve my knowledge and take away some one-of-a-kind tips!
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    The Team Titleist Midwest is a local same-day event that Sean Morris is helping organize. If you click onto the link in the events section, you will get all the info you need to sign up. It will be very similar to what I have done annually in San Diego. Mostly just a fun day of golf. If you want to see pictures and get more information about these local events, dig through past threads and/or see ones that were posted on the TT Facebook page.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You definitely need to sign up, either online if an option or contact the local coordinator. The local events typically have slots for 12-40 players. There is generally a minimum number of participants so some events get canceled.

    These are fun events so any player of any talent or age is welcome. Mostly a golf outing. A full bag of Titleist products are not required. Showing up as a walking billboard for another OEM (hat, bag, AND ball) wouldn’t be in the best taste. There will be some swag, at least a sleeve of balls and bag tags as examples.

    Often there will be a demo of newly released products. It might be the new Select Scotty’s or depending on the timing, some of the new irons or tips for game improvement. That, a round of golf, some prizes like longest drive or closest to the hole, and a meal together is most of the event. I will fly to a local event in San Diego from Wisconsin. When I do that, I’ll add some extra time to play other local courses.
  6. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    Most of the details for a TT event listed on the TT Events tab should have a link with the information you need.

    Here's a link to your specific event:

    I've attended a few TT events over the years, and it has been consistent, they're fun and you'll have a great time. You will need to register, so the organizer can better prepare. Some events will sell out, so signing up in a timely manner is important. If there's a golf round(s) associated with the event, it's usually low key in terms of competitive energy as the most important things are to meet other Titleist enthusiasts and have fun.

    Here's a link to the recap of a past TT event:

    I hope this reply helps with your decision.
  7. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Incredible information, thank you Mr. Abdon! That was great to read the recap article of Ballyhack's event.

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