Hillside BMW Golf Cup International

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By Dave H

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  1. Dave H

    Dave H
    England United Kingdom

    Hi Just to let you know, I played in the BMW Golf Cup International yesterday, as a Team Titleist Invitee, and I have posted a few pictures for you to see. The hardest but one of the most enjoyable days I have had so far playing golf. Playing off the Blue Tee's on a course designed for the straight hitters !!.

    A field of 25 with one person scoring 36. two 32s then down to as low as 19(from a 10 handicapper) 28 and 24 from us. Really hard but enjoyable with the BMW team giving us a brilliant day. Unfortunately neither myself or my college qualified for the next stage, but the experience was fantastic. Thank you to Team Titleist for invite, and good luck to the rest of TT at the next few events.


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  2. Seems you have had a tough but fun day out. I’m of to Woburn next week. Glad you enjoyed your trip.
  3. Hi simon I am at Woburn on the 17th teeing off in the group ahead of you!!
    Really looking forward to it -hope to have chat on the day
    Thanks Luke and Titleist
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Enjoy Woburn and play well guys... I can't wait for my chance at Bearwood at the end of the month...
  5. You already know the tee times ?
  6. James Harris

    James Harris
    Essex, 0

    Looks like a great day. I got invited by BMW to a similar event last year but was away,
  7. Had a great day at Hillside with Team Titleist everything from the organisation of the event before and after our round on a fantasic course was first class.

    Thanks Team Titleist so much for great experience look forward to more events.

    Good luck to all qualifiers in the finals.

  8. Wow that's incredible well done! One beautiful course thanks for sharing.
  9. Hi simon yes I got mail from BMW last week with itinerary and start times www.golfgenius.com/.../1986789i am off 14th at 9-50 you are 9-40 on 14th see the link I sent has all the details -hope that helps
  10. Sorry simon you are group after us at 10 from 14th tee!! The link I sent has all the details of start times and the format of the day
  11. David,
    Live in the area but have never played at Hillside. Getting on the Captain's Team to play against Hillside (and a couple of the other A-list courses) requires divine intervention. It's a pretty special place.
    Went to Tommy Fleetwood's British Masters there the other week and it's difficult to imagine the place without the trappings of a Tour event. I don't, however, imagine that makes scoring any easier - It looks benign but it surely has teeth. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
  12. Dave H

    Dave H
    England United Kingdom

    Special is the correct wording to explain this course. The fairways are so narrow and if you venture off into the rough, it is nearly impossible to get out and score on the hole. The experience and thinking your way round the course without ever playing it before is really hard. If I ever get the opportunity to play again, there are at least 7 holes I would play differently.
    A true test of golf but a pleasure to play and the staff and employees at the course are a credit to their club.
  13. Know what you mean about the rough - At the British Masters, one of the pro's (an Italian, I think) donned his waterproof pants to play out of the rough to the left of the first green... and promptly took them off again once on the green. Seemed a little excessive at the time but on reflection, it was knee-high....

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