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By SAnderson

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  1. SAnderson


    I went to a Titleist fittings event last night at my local AG store with the plan to get fit for a U-series iron to fill the gap between my 4-iron and 3-wood. I like the feel of a long iron more than my current hybrid so thought that th U-510 would be the ideal club for me.

    After trying both the U-510 and U-500 I had a definite preference to the U-510 as I was getting the perfect distance but the dispersion just wasn't quite as tight as I had hoped.

    The fitter, Roddy Spence, then built up a TS2 19deg hybrid for me to hit to see how that performed and I was massively impressed. The ball flight was perfect, my dispersion was much better than the U-510 and even when I tried to hit a big draw (a hook was the standard shot with my last hybrid) it went near straight. I went straight into the shop afterwards and placed my order.

    Moral of the story, dont go to a custom fitting with your idea of the perfect club already in your head. Take the advise of the Product Specialists and they will build you the best club that suits your game. You might be surprised!

    I was told that it would take 2 week for it to be built up and sent out, does anyone know if this is likely to be bettered? It was a standard spec build - TS2 Hybrid 19deg head with a HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 shaft

    I cannot wait to get it in my bag. Hopefully I get a few rounds use before the TT Regional Event at Slaley Hall next month.

  2. Hi,
    You are not alone - I did exactly the same!!
    Went to a Titleist Day at ForeGolf, having pestered the Titleist Product Specialist for weeks beforehand for a swish with a new Utility. I had thought that the U's were the natural way to fill between the top irons and the fairways.
    Tried the U500 & U510... and they were very good...
    But not as good (or as good for me) as the new TS2 hybrid... Had an 818 but I think the TS2 is a big step forward for Titleist hybrids, particularly with the shafts now available. The Hzrdus Smoke, in particular, is a fabulous shaft.
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I've been trying to get my hands on a TS hybrid since the launch announcement only to find most of the local fitting days were booked up, mainly by the club members.

    As I already have specs for a 818h from last year (23d with Evenflow shaft) and have TS fairways (15 and 18 with KuroKage shafts) I was going to go along to an event without an appointment and check with the fitter if a TS2 of same spec as 818 but with the same shaft as my f/w would be a good fit so I could order.

    Luckily I managed to get a 30 minute slot with Chris Courtneidge from Titleist at an event yesterday. After getting data from my existing 22d Cobra (hence my desperation for a fitting) and my TS2 18d we set about testing TS2 and TS3.

    As most find there was more ball speed from 3 but 2 had better dispersion, so the TS2 was settled on. Being an outside fitting with a light cross-wind I could see flight, roll out, and try it out of the light rough.

    What I was surprised to find was we were using 21d and after testing shafts settled on the Tensei as it gave a better flight and land angle which gapped perfectly.

    Just goes to show getting fit can save you money and frustration by getting you match with the correct specs...

  4. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    I'm guilty of this too, this time last year I was building up my new set. I'd decided I was getting a 3 wood and a 2 iron... ended up with 2 fairways after fitting.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    At my fitting earlier this week Chris said that 21 degree fairways (7 woods) were becoming more popular and when someone commented they were ladies clubs the reply was say that to Justin Thomas..

    Personally if someone wants a bag of hybrids and they are happy with them then good on them as who wants to play with a grumpy golfer..
  6. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    I've a 21 degree myself (I'm a bit of a delofter). With the god awful range balls at my local range I could still fly the thing 225 ish (seems to be about 235/240 on the course with ProV1's)

    The fitter also commented he was glad to see someone with a 21 (I was there for a 3 wood fitting that time) as people often dismiss them. As I told him, it's how the ball goes not the number on the bottom.
  7. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    I'm holding off on getting a TS2 hybrid until the TT day at Slaley Hall later this month and looking to try them out there to see what I get fit into .. safe to say I can not wait!!!

    I will see you there!
  8. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Is the new hybrid in the bag yet?

    I'm seeing posts on delays in delivery of the new gear...

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