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By MattH

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  1. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    When I was fitted for my TS2s the fitter was keen for me to try to hit the club with a heavier weight in but I resisted as I felt I was losing control of the club a little on the top of the backswing. Now that I’ve had the clubs for a few months I’m keen to experiment with the weights and see if with some practice, I can control the club better and if it will make a difference to the ball flight.

    I’ve spoken to my club pro to see if I can order individual weights but he didn’t seem to think it was possible and I’m not sure how much effort he put in to find out.

    I’ve seen some on eBay but for obvious reasons I’m keen to order genuine parts. Does anyone know if it is possible to order the weights individually?

    Also, does anyone know what the standard weight is? I know the clubs are fitted with standard weights, but those listed on eBay are all listed by their weight, but not how they differ to the standard.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    The weights are listed in the clubs section of this website
    Post Image
  3. Paul Y

    Paul Y

    AntD thanks for posting- I've just gone and checked my setup.

    Luke : I was fitted for and purchased a TS3 just rechecked spec as 1/2 inch shorter and I've got standard weight. would you be able to check this is right as website would suggest +2g (I've found email from fitting by Matt Johnson which just shows:

    SureFit Hosel Setting: A-1
    SureFit CG Setting: Draw
    SureFit Weight: Use Default
    Length: -0.5"

    not sure if default = standard or whether it should be the +2g based on reduced shaft length (also not sure what difference it would make?).
    If it's easier for someone to check at the TT Regional day at St Ives on the 30th that would be fine

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