Forest Of Arden

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By Alex

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  1. Hello has anyone played this course and if so what did you think of it?


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  2. My bank golf society had our annual two day tour there in July. A lovely location and we really enjoyed the main course. There is water to avoid on the front nine as you work around a lake. You will also enjoy much wildlife - ducks, geese etc and deer on the back nine. I really liked it - but then I won on the Monday!
  3. I play this course every year for the west mids ambulance society.

    Best of Six rounds in the society with the final here played it the last 4/5 years but unfortunately have to miss the next one next month, I also make a point of playing it for my birthday each year as it’s only 30 minutes drive away and close to a good friend I play with, always worth a visit

    Even did a YGT visit with my mates from across the country back in March

    Lovely course very tough and long!

    Always get a nice welcome and starter on the first tee. there is a lovely Par 3 on the back nine see the pictures that was the approach and my pal on another hole ‍♂️
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  4. The back 9 of the course is nice (through a deer park) but the front 9 is a bit bland. The front 9 can also get very muddy if it rains like it has in the last few days.

    I would not drive more than an hour to play the course but if you are local like me it is nice to play every once in a while.

    The 18th is a long par 3 over a lake which always makes a good finish.
  5. Nathan S

    Nathan S
    Great Barr

    Good course, can be long if you play right off the back. Greens are fantastic and if the play the Arden you get a little treat of wild dear
    All in all, I'd argue it's better than the Brab at the Belfry
  6. Nathan,
    Thank goodness - Thought it was just me that was underwhelmed by the brab!!
  7. And a few photos from July
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  8. Played it a few times, back 9 is stunning. Few decent holes on the front 9. Always enjoy going back.

    I'm another one who would take Arden over Brabazon.
  9. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Hi Alex,
    We played both courses with an overnight stay on one of their golf offers a couple of years ago, both courses were in excellent condition and an enjoyable layout, in many "resorts" the secondary course can be a bit naff, but that wasn't the case at the Forest of Arden. I can recommend them both.
  10. Linda S

    Linda S

    A very special place for me as I had my first (and only) hole in 1 on the Aylesford course. I like both courses but especially the Arden where the trip through the deer park on the back 9 is great. The men's 18th on the Arden looks an amazing closing hole although not as challenging from the ladies tee. I would certainly recommend a visit!
  11. Hope you played it, as many others have said the back 9 is awesome as you weave around the deer park. Closing few holes from 14 onward stood out especially and a few nice holes on front nine but back is certainly where it’s at. Great service in the hotel too.
  12. Meant to be playing it this Sunday.
  13. Chris T

    Chris T

    It is a decent track but can play long as others have said. It is well laid out and the greens were pretty good when I went there. As others have commented the wildlife is a huge feature
  14. On a similar note has anyone played the Warwickshire? Heading down there next Friday
  15. Similarly has anyone played the Warwickshire? Heading down there next Friday.
  16. Really enjoyed my time on this beautiful course.

    Thanks guys
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