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By Scott P

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  1. Scott P

    Scott P

    Folks, this is is my first post so please accept my apologies for the long winded post.

    Basically i went to a local chain today that do custom fitting to look at the TS range of drivers. I currently have an 913 D3 8.5 degree with Adila rogue green stiff shaft and am averaging around the 250-260. I havent really played a lot in the last 10 years but have noticed that despite hitting my irons 5-10 yards further , (same 690 CB as i used 10 years ago), i actually hit the 913 about 15-20 yds less than my 975 D 7.5 with Graphalloy stiff shaft.

    The fitter very quickly settled on a TS3 as my clubhead speed was around 99-102mph with a ball speed of around 140mph and a launch angle of around 12.5 deg

    After a number of shaft changes and changes to the CG he settled on a 9.5 deg head on a D1 setting with the Hzrdous Smoke Black 6.5 60g shaft. My clubhead speed went up to 104-105 and ball speed to 150 but my launch angle jumped massively to 18deg. There was also a small increase in yardage by about 5yds but I am concerned about the jump in launch angle as i already hit it very high. Oh i was also hooking a lot more.

    Any thoughts.


  2. Scott,
    Sounds as if you are unconvinced by the fitting... Not surprising given the launch angle issue, and the hooking issue...
    The tone of your post ("the fitter quickly settled on...) seems to indicate that you felt outside of the decision making process. That's not how it should be.
    Think you should seriously consider going elsewhere for a "Second Opinion".

  3. This will be of no value but I am jealous as I hit it really low - I wish I could get more lift!
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Was it an indoor fitting? With that high launch what were the spin rates? Fitter should have been able to explain that jump in launch angle .
  5. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland


    Did you get fit indoors ? Was it a Titleist fitter ? Or something like American Golf ?
    I would never trust any fitting without seeing the ball flight out doors.
    I went to American golf years ago and vowed never to go back.
    Try and get a Titleist Thursday for a 45 minute fitting or book into a certified Titleist fitting centre.
    I think you’ll get a better experience and trust the numbers.


  6. Scott D

    Scott D

    I would also recommend a second opinion. This one by a certified Titleist fitter. We have a Titleist fitter come our course twice a year for fittings. These are not rushed and time is taken to ensure the proper combination of shaft and head are arrived at.
  7. Chris T

    Chris T

    I agree with all the comments about a 2nd opinion especially if it was a ‘chain’ location.

    I went to Titleists National Fitting Centre at St Ives for my TS3. They are experts and know their gear better than anyone. They allow you to test clubs with your preferred choice of ball (Titleist brand) as this will affect your stats all day long.

    Advice - go direct to Titleist, the whole experience is worth it and you’ll leave safe in the knowledge it’s been done properly leaving you in no doubt.
  8. Lefty


    I would certainly seek a second fitting/opinion and if you're set on Titleist clubs you're in good hands going to a Titleist fitting day.

    I was custom fit last year for my 718 AP2 (not by Titleist) and upgraded the shafts to suit my swing speed and style of play. I have a high swing speed and hit very HIGH - I wanted something low launching so we opted for N.S Pro Modus 3 130g X stiff shafts.. I am still hitting it very high. A year on I looked into the shaft I was recommended.. turns out the 130 X shaft is designed to launch high whereas the 125 X launches low. I'm playing a custom fit set of irons that haven't been fully matched to my game and wish I had taken a second opinion.

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