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By Alistair W

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  1. Alistair W

    Alistair W
    Dunfermline, Fife

    My first set of “proper” irons were Titleist DTR , distance through research Bought them from Finnies in Ayr Loved them to bits and wore them out in the end I remember the grooves used to take shavings off the covers of golf balls, much to the concern of foursomes partners! I found the sand wedge had too much bounce which led me to discover specialist wedges I used them to get my handicap down 9 shots and to win the Centenary Gold Medal for my class at Glasgow Gailes Happy days, loved those clubs!

    What’s everyone else’s memories of their first Titleist clubs?

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  2. Alistair,
    Bit of a late starter - my first Titleist were AP2's when they came out.
    I'd previously been fitted for some rather sweet miz irons which were forged and lovely and I had them for about 3 years but the woods & hybrids were dreadful.
    I wanted continuity between the wedges, irons & woods, and fell for the forged AP2's and everything fell into place.
    Now have a bag full of Titleist (AP2 & 3 combo, T-MB 4 iron, Vokey wedges, TS3 driver, TS2 woods & hybrid + U500 + Scotty putter) and a couple over!
    Wouldn't have anything else now.
  3. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    My first set were DCI golds. Due to a long break from the game I only replaced them recently with 718 AP2s. Sadly I lent them to a friend last week who then had his car broken into and they are gone forever
  4. Matt,
    That is truly dreadful... I know how you feel.
    I had clubs nicked from the car some years ago and got well and truly stiffed by the insurance company to compound the pain! Despite the clubs being in the boot, they were deemed "Goods in the Open" and I got a pittance for them.
    I now make sure I've got the clubs covered by a specialist insurer.
    What are you going to do?
  5. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    I have specialist insurance so I’m in the process of completing a claim. I’ve already spoken to the loss adjuster, but working out the value of a set of 25 year old classic clubs that were fitted to me will be tricky.

    Even with monetary compensation, I couldn’t ever truly replace them.
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Always lusted after the DCI's my mate had a set but never got around to getting them off him as I golfed on a budget. He sold them to a work supplier who came back saying the 4 & 5 irons were from a different set.

    Therefore my 916 AP1's were/are my first Titleist irons and they have now turned the bag to black, white and red... 917D, TS2 f/w and hybrid, Vokey's.

  7. Lefty


    I was gifted a set of Titleist Pro 100 blades from the mid 70's as my first set as an 11 year old. I then gifted these to a family friend who was getting into golf.. wish I'd kept hold of them now but I hope they did they're job of inspiring someone else to take up the game of golf like I did.

    I even came across an old Titleist advert for them, enjoy!
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  8. My first Titleist irons were the DCI 990 - I originally had the square grove png Eye 2 and mistakenly moved on to the png Zing 2. The 990’s were an eBay purchase that I used for five years before buying the 710 AP2s. A 983K driver was followed by a 909D2. My AP2s are now T100s and looking to replace my 915 D2 very shortly. My first Scotty putter arrived only a few years ago.

    The beauty of the 990s - bought on eBay and sold five years later on eBay for £15 less than I paid!
  9. I picked up the AP1 in the 710 series when they came out best clubs I’d ever hit at that point. Started this year with AP2 710s I picked up to see if I could play them and now have 718Ap2, as well as a bag full of Titleist end to end!

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