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By AJP1965

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  1. Whilst I prefer forums to be positive, my faith in Titleist has just been dented a tad. I have been very excited to get my T100’s to the extent I have a woods fitting next week to complete the set update. I have just been out to hit some balls and there was a very odd sound - the Titleist name badge inset on the back of the club has come off and been mangled.

    It will be sorted of course but it will mean a period without a five iron and some hassle.

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  2. Chris M

    Chris M

    quite strange... never seen something like that before
  3. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    Someone at the factory using pritt-stick instead of industrial strength adhesive.. As unexpected as it may be for a new club to have the sticker come off, I wouldn't stop using my 5-iron because of it. I'm sure your shop of purchase and Titleist will want the issue sorted in a timely fashion, best of luck with the outcome and enjoy those T100's.
  4. Apparently they will put on a new club head but not worried - more will be the aggro of getting my club back to my pro for him to organise the return as I am an hour away from my club and then the possibility of being without it for one to two weekends. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they will throw in something TT to compensate!

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